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CXLOE talks us through her AFW essentials

Musician CXLOE talks us through her AFW essentials

When it comes to Australian Fashion Week, everyone does it differently. And the essentials we carry around with us can make or break our experience. Anyone who has been to AFW before knows that it can be a little manic (sometimes, a LOT manic), but carrying those hero beauty products and essential bits and pieces with us can really help to boost our experience. Even the bag we choose to carry it all in says so much about how our week will turn out.

So we turned to a few of our favourite creative minds who are heading into AFW this year to ask them to empty out their bags for RUSSH (metaphorically, of course), so we can get all the nitty-gritty details – and maybe take a few recommendations on board ourselves.

Pop singer CXLOE might be based in LA these days, but she's still a Sydney-sider at heart, and has made the long trek back to our sandy shores for AFW (squeezing it all in ahead of her next album launch for Shiny New Thing on 17 May).

We asked CXLOE to walk us through all her AFW essentials, the unexpected items you might find in her arsenal, and which bag she'll be toting over the course of the week...


It’s fashion week – what bag will you be bringing for the week-long adventure? Why have you chosen this item as your main accessory?

I’m bringing with me Australian designer Poppy Lissiman's Bucco Bucket Bag in Blanc! The bag is the perfect size – small enough for it to be a cute accessory to any outfit, but big enough for me to fit all of my things in! The bag features custom metal hardware along the sides too, which is awesome as I plan on wearing a lot of silver and gun metals.


What are the main essentials you have inside?

The main essentials I have inside my bag are my Laneige Lip Mask, Band-Aids and a phone charger.


What are your top three must-have items?

I’m obsessed with the Laneige Lip Mask, YSL concealer for little touch ups through the day, and my phone charger because... *social media*.


What will you be drinking and eating this week?

I am flying in from Los Angeles, so will probably be pretty jet lagged. I think I’ll be sticking to waters and juice for hydration, and eating as clean as I can!


What is one item of clothing that will be following you all week?

I will be livinggggg in this pair of navy boots from the brand MIISTA. They are so comfortable and go with everything, which makes the outfit decision-making in the morning a lot easier!


What’s the most unexpected item in your bag?

I want to say my anti-depressants, but if you’ve listened to my music that may not be unexpected!


If you had to narrow down to the most important item, which would it be and why?

I’d say my inhaler! A girls gotta breathe!


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