Essentials the ‘RUSSH’ team can’t go without at Australian Fashion Week

Ahh, Australian Fashion Week. The time has come once again, for us to head on down to Carriageworks and peruse the latest and greatest creative offerings from top notch fashion designers of the moment. Across the five days from May 13-17 – we will be seen running from show to show, snacks in hand; dumping our belongings into our Content Director, Elyssa's car (a real one, thanks girl) and doing the utmost to be one with the chaos of it all.

You may wonder what the RUSSH team has on hand for such a fabulous and frantic week. Well, we do have our list of essentials and we're here to share. Scroll on to find a thoughtful selection of items of necessity, from nutritious and delicious snacks on the go, to what we'll be wearing in fashion and beauty must haves – it's a fashion parade we're ready for.


Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content Director

My number one Australian Fashion Week essential is my car. Yes, you read that correctly. It is one of the only things that brings me salvation during the 16-hour-day week. Need some quiet time to work? Straight to the car. On the verge of developing frostbite thanks to the Carriageworks business centre? Straight to the car. Don’t want to share your snacks? Car, obviously.

But in all seriousness, I am prioritising comfort this year (which, truthfully, is no different from last year). I’ll be heavily reliant on the unofficial RUSSH uniform (blue jeans, white t-shirt, black blazer) – the Henne Valentina jean will be in high rotation this week, my go-to white t-shirt is this Country Road one, and I’ll be wearing my dad’s vintage pinstripe blazer, but otherwise, this Camilla & Marc Alba blazer would be my next choice. I am a mini bag girl through and through (my car also functions as a dumping ground), but on the days when I do have extra baggage, my small Bottega Andiamo always saves the day. Inside, I tend to harbour ‘necessities’ like the Aesop Geranium Leaf Rinse-Free Hand Wash, a sturdy claw clip, my foolproof Saint Laurent sunglasses and a lip oil with SPF in it.

And like the rest of the RUSSH editors, I will of course, be bringing snacks too.


Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

RUSSH team fashion week essentials

My first fashion week essential is a muesli bar. No, I’m not joking. There’s not always the greatest selection of food on-site at Carriageworks, and you don’t always have time between shows to head offsite to fuel up. For me, handbag snacks are critical. Next, I always take a medium to large handbag, no minibags for me. I need something big enough to fit a few grooming essentials: mascara, a mini hair brush, Tresemme mini hairspray, Charlotte Tilbury powder and a small umbrella. I tend to take my faithful Saint Laurent Moujik for this reason. I always shove a cotton tote in there too in case I get sick of holding my laptop. 

When outfit planning, a great suit is key. I have a St Agni set for this year. I also always make sure I have one pair of tailored pants and a striking dress to mix and match with. This year’s pants are Loewe and the dress is Third Form. I’ll be styling these pieces with the tops, coats and shoes I already have - probably from the pieces I wore last year. I repeat outfits and am proud of it.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

RUSSH team fashion week essentials

First and foremost, a good carry-all bag is necessary for toting around the essentials. I was gifted a Coach tote bag at Christmas, and it will likely be glued to my side all week. Second, I’m loving bright sunglasses at the moment – and I recently purchased these violet shades from Le Specs that are my current obsession. Of course, I’ll have my holy grails Outside Beauty Lip to Cheek Balm and Diptyque Do Son Solid Perfume on hand. Last but certainly not least, I am that person who carries tea bags around with her just about everywhere, so I’ll be stocking up on my forever favourite Gorgeous Geisha from T2, and slipping a few into my purse for emergencies.


Emily Algar

Beauty Editor

RUSSH team fashion week essentialsMy fashion week priorities are snacks, caffeine, a lint roller, a comb, mints and shoes I can actually run in (a must when your default is late). Snack-wise, maybe a good muesli bar? Thank you, Mia, for the inspiration. Caffeine is whatever I can get my hands on. My Officine Universelle Buly Comb is always on my person, as are Eclipse Extra Strong Mints — I like mints so intense they make my eyes water. The lint roller is an obvious one (I have OCD when it comes to keeping my clothes pressed/clean/lint free). As for shoes, I rely on my Bottega Lug Chelsea boots a lot during fashion week as they’re comfortable, directional and always lend themselves to the change of season. I also find I’m so damn dry during AFW, likely due to dehydration and the cooling temps. Because of this, I need my Lanolips and CHANEL egg hand cream. Finally, the clothes! I just bought a little Beare Park white mini dress I’d love to wear; it’s currently being resurrected at the dry cleaner following my birthday party. I envision it with boots or a sneaker, probably a blazer or sweater on top. Even a little loafer and sock situation? I’ll have to workshop it. Oh, I almost forgot sunglasses — Ray-Ban classic black Wayfarers, obviously.


Samantha Corry

Assistant to Editor In Chief

RUSSH team fashion week essentialsFirst and foremost, Fisherman Friends Mint, extreme mint for the win, I am never caught without them. And with multiple shows and places to be, it’s quite important to be on time, so I definitely will be wearing my Cartier watch throughout the whole week. As it also seems to rain or be quite cold during fashion week, I will definitely be bringing my trench coat. I feel a trench has quite a universal piece that goes with each style. I will also be bringing my Hourglass powder, just to make sure I don't get oily throughout the day, and look and feel fresh. This is also my favourite translucent powder, my makeup looks great every time. Carrying all my trinkets for the week will be my Tods bag that I just adore, so spacious and the leather is so soft. As a collector of bags and shoes, I do really want the Loewe cropped puzzle tote bag, but sadly I don't think it’s in store anymore, so the hunt remains to find one!


Phoebe Holden


RUSSH team fashion week essentials

Snacks have always been my top Fashion Week essential, chocolate almonds and muesli bars take centre stage alongside a bottle of green juice. Chic but comfortable footwear comes next, back to back shows make for a long day and heels are a firm no from me. I usually opt for my trusty clogs or loafers, my current pair are from Vinnies (and I adore them) but I have my eye on these. I always carry my little Pentax film camera and sometimes a Polaroid if I’m taking content backstage. A scrunchie is usually on the wrist in anticipation of my hair going south and Aesop’s deodorant spray becomes my BFF. 

Outfit planning usually revolves around suit pants, an oversized shirt and a great coat. I have a very fun vintage Coach trench as well as this incredible piece by Kate Sylvester. I would love to add The Row’s Mavis Coat to my collection, a girl can dream right!


Karen Leong

Arts & Culture Editor

Compactness and tactility is key during Fashion Week. My tote will transport the following: my Unifrohm roller-on perfume and Nars lipstick in the shade Pigalle for touch-ups in between shows, my trusty pink laptop which I am never without, along with my handheld portable charger. You’ll also see me helping myself to this Tiger Balm nasal inhalant. And if I remember her, my digital camera. 

I have yet to plan the repertoire of outfits I have in my head, but I will be donning my dark purple trench coat from Aje. In another life you’d see me in this Acne mini with this Vacquera white fur monstrosity, but I’d be out on the streets so I will head to Reborne Shop for last minute fittings and purchases instead. I will also thankfully be kitted out in Kiko Vintage. I trend toward footwear of consequence, but ever-faithfuls like my GRAPE buckled mary-janes and thrifted brown platform boots will cushion me from too much neuromuscular damage.


Megan Nolan

Marketing Manager

As someone who just pops in for a show or two during Fashion Week I have the luxury of going as OTT or minimal as I choose. It’s usually the latter, but maybe this year will be different?

No matter which route I decide to go down, my Acne Studios Musubi bag will be coming with me. She’s perfect for every occasion (and fits a drink bottle) so nobody can convince me otherwise. A universal power bank also comes with me wherever I go as we all know taking photos and videos drains your battery like no other. 

Outfit wise I’m in my baggy jeans era, and after months of trying to find the perfect pair I finally settled on these babies from Dr. Denim. Add a blazer, a fun coloured trench, or a dress (yes we’re back in the dress over jeans era) and you have the perfect effortless industry look we’re all secretly aiming for. Pair with ballet flats, biker boots, or a fun colourful pair of sneakers - did someone say comfort was in?


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaigns Manager

Fashion Week is all about comfort for me. Comfort dressing, comfort eating, you name it I do it. I’m a photographer so I’m on my feet 99% of the time, running between backstage, streetstyle and the next show.

A staple for me this week will be black (duh). My Uniqlo dress pants are comfy and chic option that look like I tried with my outfit, when in reality I had 7 minutes between getting max sleep and having to leave my house for an early call time. Comfortable shoes will also be so important, and I’m eyeing off a pair of Nike sneakers for that 90s dad style (dress pants and sneakers, what can go wrong!)

Importantly I’m going to need snacks and water with me all the time. While everyone is on the Stanley cup train, I’m loving my trusty Hydroflask and she comes with me everywhere. Also will be packing Tiny Teddies and Shapes for an instant energy and nostalgia boost.

Lastly, I don’t have time for any makeup on a day to day basis but for fashion week I may try. Cue my new fave YSL Beauty Lash Clash brown mascara and Rare Beauty blush and I’m hoping that’s me achieving the no-makeup makeup look. 

I wish I could carry a cute lil bag but I’ll be lugging a monster camera one instead, so if you see a turtle around AFW it’s just me.


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