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Where to get a Stanley Cup in Australia

Where to buy Stanley Cups in Australia

If you're one that tends to delve into TikTok latest trends, it would have been hard to miss that that Stanley Cups have become a must-have. They just made a rather big splash at Australian Fashion Week 2024, and were one of the feature pieces at the P.E Nation show.

But as with many of items-of-the-moment, they are notoriously hard to get for those living outside of the USA or Europe. Never fear, here's our list of the best stores to source your next Stanley Quencher or IceFlow Flip.



THE ICONIC Stanley Cups

THE ICONIC has one of the larger selections of Stanley Cups that you can find online. Although the popular colours can sell out quickly, so you'll need to be quick off the mark when you see a restock.

  • Free standard shipping for orders over $75
  • Free 30-day returns



SSENSE Stanley Cups

As you can expect, SSENSE stocks the more fashionable of the Stanley Cup colours. It doesn't have the widest selection, but it has options for those who prefer muted tones.

  • Free shipping on full price orders over $450
  • 30-day returns at your own cost


3. Stylerunner

Stylerunner Stanley Cups

Stylerunner has healthy selection of Stanley Cups in some of the more popular colours. It also has a little flame icon to show the iterations that are newly back in stock. Also, as Stylerunner has some physical stores, you have the option of browsing the options in store. Although there tends to be more stock online.

  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • 30-day returns at your own cost


4. Glue Store

Glue Store Stanley Cups

Glue has a modest selection of Stanley Cups and the stock tends to go quickly. If you prefer to shop in store, Glue does have physical locations in many major malls. However, once again, there tends to be more stock available online.

  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • 30-day returns at your own cost, or return in-store


5. David Jones

David Jones Stanley Cups

If you're looking for a special edition Stanley Cup, David Jones is your best bet. It was one of the only stores selling the special Lunar New Year cup in honour of the Year of the Dragon.

  • Free delivery on orders over $100
  • 30-day returns at your own cost, or return in-store


Can I buy direct from Stanley?

Unfortunately at this stage, Stanley doesn't ship to Australia. But if you use a parcel forwarding service like MyUS, you can shop from the international Stanley websites. Just know that parcel forwarding services can get quite pricey.


Still can't find a Stanley Cup?

Of course, we know that simply being able to find stock can be a big problem when trying to acquire a Stanley Cup. If you can't find what you're looking for at one of the above stores, you can also try the list below. These may not have as favourable store experiences or delivery policies, but they should have stock - which is what really matters.

Happy hunting and may the odds of sourcing a Stanley Cup be ever in your favour.

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