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Every perfect beauty trend we witnessed at AFW 2024

Every perfect beauty trend we witnessed at AFW 2024

It's fashion week, and our eyes are firmly fixated on our local talent, and the products of their creative genius. The AFW beauty looks are, naturally, a big part of this. From fluffy curls to raw skin and fascinating use of colour, there's so much to look at, and even more to be inspired by.

Here, you'll find all the best beauty trends to come out of Australian Fashion Week so far.


Librarian realness

Specs, fluffy hair, a smudgy lip and raw skin made its way down the Rory William Docherty runway on Monday. Just add books and the dewy decimal system.


Slick skin, slick hair

At Carla Zampatti, the beauty brief was glossy skin and slick hair. Polished but not overdone, and with a metallic accent on the eye for good measure.


Give a tuck

More from Carla Zampatti, but this time: hair. Maybe one of the easiest, but chicest, beauty trends to come out of AFW thus far involves tucking ones hair underneath a high neckline. Glamorous, genius, takes 30 seconds to execute.


Chrome finish

Isabella Schimid used Sisley skincare and chrome pigment to create this ethereal look on the Albus Lumen runway. The defining characteristic is the placement — yes it's on the eyes, but also the bridge of the nose, chin, cheeks and cuticles (yes, really). The hair was all about highlighting natural texture. Hair stylist Travis Balcke instructed models to let their hair air dry naturally the night before and then used a TRESemmé styling product to enhance.


Renassaince curls

More Rory William Docherty beauty – is there anything more perfect than fluffy curls peeking out of a pill-box cap? We think not. The more flyaways, the better.


Low hair, low back

This look is... perfect? Beare Park showed us that sometimes, undone is best — especially when it's against a backless dress and those pearls. The nonchalance of the hair gives the otherwise formal outfit a relaxed, cool edge. A classic wave or bun just wouldn't have hit the same.

Subtle sunkiss

Trust Emma Mulholland on Holiday to give us the vacation skin of our dreams. The faux glow wasn't glaringly obvious, rather soft and subtle (believable, even). Love the airy waves, too.

Club girl

This feels like the early '00s when you'd rim your eyes in thick black kohl and take it right into the water line. You didn't really know what you were doing but it looked and felt the coolest regardless. Michael Lo Sordo always brings a nighttime energy to his looks but this eye is something else. Fresh, hydrated skin and a neutral lip keep it from feeling too manufactured. The goal is to look as if you did your makeup in the back of a cab.


Glass finish

The best skin of the season goes to Acler. Glassy and with a soft pink flush, it was youthful and feminine (mirroring the collection). Lancôme skin prep and foundation was used to ensure a smooth, even canvas, using concealer to spot cover as opposed to an entire face of base product.


She's a lady

This look from Bec + Bridge was the perfect hybrid of 'done' and 'undone'. The skin is raw and the eyes a little smudgy, but the rosy red lip is really polished. It feels very French in that trying but not really kind of way.

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