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INJURY’s Dan Tse talks us through her AFW essentials

INJURY's Dan Tse talks us through her AFW essentials

There's a lot to an INJURY bag. Detailed, intricate design meets the apex of technology and art – and there are finishes of a gothic new-age suitability to the works. There's a 3D component, which carefully renders the prototype from a design into a fleshy, ready-to-wear piece.

But what bag does the brand's womenswear design director herself carry to Australian Fashion Week? During the pandemonium of AFW, it's difficult to pinpoint one main vehicle for all your behind the scenes and off-duty needs. A one-size fits all bag is a bit of a rare sighting. And the essentials we carry around with us can make or break our experience. I've rotated between a trusty Chopova Lowena satchel and a dinky hand purse for three days so far, with little repercussions. Portability, functionality and swerve all come to the test – and sometimes, the solution is nowhere to be found. Luckily, we've got a fashion savant to aid our quest towards the answer of which bag is best, and what lies inside.

Below, we speak to Dan Tse, womenswear design director at INJURY to find out...


It's fashion week. What bag will you be bringing for the weeklong adventure?

The INJURY x ALPAKA MIDNIGHT bag is definitely my go-to choice. Its celestial futuristic design is inspired by the shape of a spaceship, merging utilitarian functionality with bold, geometric shapes. The fabric we use is a sustainable, water-resistant lightweight textile, making it the perfect companion for someone like me who is always on the go during fashion week.


What are the main essentials?

My absolute essentials include a measurement tape for fittings, my sketchbook to jot down quick ideas, my phone for taking photos and staying connected and, of course, lip balm and water!


What are your top three must-haves?

My top three must-haves, besides the essentials, are: (1) black eyeliner (2) headphones for music (3) a second outfit – you never know where you may go or who you may meet.


What will you be drinking and eating week-long?

I try to maintain my usual diet as much as possible, which primarily revolves around nutritious, plant-based meals. With the hectic pace of fashion week, I'll be fuelling up on plenty of veggie smoothies to keep myself energised and nourished.


What is one item of clothing that will be following you all week?

I like the idea of having my ‘uniform’ jacket that I wear very often and the new INJURY reflective denim racer jacket is the one. Its oversized fit and its padded details adds an effortlessly cool edge to any look. It is super versatile, lightweight, and complements any outfit. The reflective denim textile is like an illumination in the darkness, which I absolutely love.


What's the most unexpected item in your bag?

It would probably be our own custom tattoo stickers. We'll be dropping them for a nice surprise soon.


What's your most important item?

My creative spirit – it keeps me going!


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BOSE Wireless Headphones

The INJURY show will kick off this Friday at 10am as part of Australian Fashion Week. Follow along on our backstage tour, or we'll see you there.

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