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Cub Sport share their queer anthems

Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfeild from Brisbane hailing band Cub Sport have a love story equal to the greats, this much is evident. Best friends since their high school years, the pair met the realisation that they were in love with each other, and began a secret romantic entanglement in their days before coming out. Forming 50% of their internationally successful band, the pair have established themselves as queer icons in Australia's music landscape. Here, Nelson and Netterfield share with us the queer anthems that make them feel uplifted, connected, seen and loved.


cub sport

The 5 songs we want everyone to know are…

Frank Ocean - White Ferrari

Cub Sport - Drive

SOPHIE - It’s Okay To Cry

CCFX - The One to Wait

Charli XCX - Forever 

The song that sums up our relationship…

I’ve written multiple albums that sum up our relationship pretty well, but I think ‘Cub Sport - Party Pill’ is one of my favourites.
I wrote it about when Bolan (Sam) and I first got together when we were 17. We were so in love but weren’t ready to come out so it was all in secret. Even though we were young and scared, we knew that we were gonna love each other ~for a long time~

Our queer anthem…

I’m going to say ‘Into You’ by Ariana Grande. I saw a meme that queers are at their most powerful in the opening bars of that song, I found that pretty funny and true.

The songs that help me express myself…

Anything by Frank Ocean. Frank is one of my biggest inspirations. We’re both queer Scorpios and I feel like there’s this depth and connection in his music that gets me in the heart. When art makes you feel something I think it opens you up and helps you express yourself.

This playlist represents…

The diversity and beauty within the queer community and our allies. There isn’t a queer ‘sound’ or ‘style,’ it’s deeper than something that can be pigeonholed like that.

I want young queer kids to feel…when they listen to this playlist

Uplifted, connected, seen and loved.

I want people to feel…when they listen to our music

Uplifted, connected, seen and loved.

The song (of ours) that represents us best is…

I feel like it would be either Come On Mess Me Up, Chasin, Party Pill or Confessions. I feel like they all shine a light on different facets of Cub Sport. They’re some of my fav songs I’ve written.

The best advice we’ve received is…

Something I’ve come to understand over years of doing this and taking on advice from interviews with some of my favourite artists is the importance of doing what you want. Doing what connects with you and what feels right is so important. Never let ideas of what you think people want from you influence what you’re doing or change the way you see yourself and your art. Do what makes you excited or happy or emotional, if it makes you feel something you’re on the right track.

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