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Watch Courrèges new fashion film built on the sentiment of togetherness

"Holding hands, simply, tenderly. A warm palm pressed against yours, belonging to someone you don't necessarily know that well, but this is how knowing begins - fingers locked in a clammy clasp, that first gesture of intimacy." Anna Harrison writes for this months Joy issue. A sentiment taken for granted until it was whittled away from us for safety's sake, and one Courrèges new artistic director, Nicolas di Felice has echoed in the French brands latest campaign.

The fashion film does well at reminding us what it's like to make out with a stranger or dance with a loved one. We see couples embracing, sprawled on a sterile floor, locking lips and holding hands. There are people dancing with others on their shoulders, while they make out tenderly. There are groups of friends and those dancing alone. There are mothers and their babies.

“I really wanted to do something simple. A gesture,” Felice tells i-D. “I wanted for us to take the time to look at things, look at gestures of love. Look at life in slow motion for once. Show the simple importance of being together.” words which reverberate through the film. While the models actions are warm and tender, they are contrasted by structural silhouettes and cool shades - an ode to the signature geometry of the brand.

His debut will be presented at Paris Fashion Week in March, 2021, and is geared towards optimism, with enduring shapes throughout. “I love how comforting it is, but also radical. Courrèges is geometric, sharp but full of love and passion,” he tells i-D. “Optimism is something at the heart of Courrèges. And it is a very different thing to be optimistic today than it was in the 60s. You need to be brave to be optimistic in 2020! I want to keep telling the story of this wonderful brand but adapt it to the times we live in today.”

You can watch the film for the AW21 collection, below.