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COMMAS invites us back to halcyon days with its new film ‘ECHOES’

commas echoes

Visions of summer. Push bikes on the hot pavement, red ice blocks sticky and dribbling down your forearm, family vacations by the sea cocooned in white heat. These are the best days — but you don't know it yet. Australian luxury resort wear label COMMAS appreciates this, and it's here, this place it returns to for its short film Echoes.

Lensed by rising director Luca Werner, for Spring Summer 2022 COMMAS travels to the volcanic formations of Greek Island Milos to deliver a solar-powered film drenched in nostalgia. Drawing on our tendency to romanticise the summers of our youth, Echoes takes on a idyllic, almost sedative quality.

Spanish divers Arnau Alberdi and Bel Gonzalez play near the water's edge, plunging deep into the ocean as dusk grips the island. Model Mame Cheikh Ibra wanders Milos lost in thought, wearing striped COMMAS swim shorts and stopping to survey handfuls of chalky dust. The sun beats down upon the three men, whose moves are drawn out and languid, following the primal thud of the ocean. They are dressed in flowing drawstring linen pants and natural hued swimming trunks and briefs.

"This film is a tribute to those summer memories from childhood that imprint on your mind and stir up when you're seeing the sun rise over the ocean, glimpsing new terrains on holidays, or even when a gentle breeze hits you in a certain way in summer," explained COMMAS' founder and creative director Richard Jarman. "It echoes these daydreams you have of holidays, that appear to you as rose-tinted vignettes."

Echoes marks COMMAS growing portfolio of films, which it first began with its project Lupine, that centre the ocean and other poolside locations across the Australian landscape.

Watch Echoes, below. Otherwise, you can explore and shop the COMMAS Spring Summer 2022 collection online at

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