Everything you need to know about the Cold Full Moon in Gemini that’s starting on Sunday

Cold Full Moon in Gemini

Coming in like a breath of fresh air to the heat of this Sagittarius season, the Cold Full Moon will greet us warmly in Gemini on December 19th 2021, at sharp 12:37am (AEST). You’ll be ready to heat things up, as the social and mental sector of life will be activated in full swing.


What's the Spiritual meaning behind the Cold Moon?

As per the zen teachings of The Farmers Almanac, the name Cold Moon is owed to the Full Moon that takes place in the last decan of December. Given the fact that half the world is currently in hibernation, this makes for a fully charged and vibrant completion of lunar cycles. This particular Full Moon is also known as the ‘Long Night Moon’, coinciding with one of the longest nights of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This name may seem insignificant, but if we look more closely, we can consider the symbolic importance behind it. During this time, we’re encouraged to move past our emotional barriers in order to find access to our inner warmth and creativity — even if we'd feel more comfortable crawling back into our cosy antisocial shell.


What to expect from the Full Cold Moon in Gemini.

Gemini, our master of all communications will be back to working at its optimum level after the eclipse season struck some discord to the air sign microchip. This marks the first non-eclipsed lunation that we're experiencing in the sign since December 2019. We can feel a weight lift as we shift back to some calmer mental waters. This Full Moon in Gemini is also occurring the day before Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. The last time we experienced this was eight years ago, so themes or events pertaining to this time will likely resurface. Venus represents relationships, material wealth, justice, and harmony, while Capricorn rules structure, authority, and tradition. Collectively, this will be a good time to put focus back on your wealth and creating structured forms of financial planning.

Over the past two years we have accumulated a lot of new information in the area of our birth chart governed by Gemini. Coming out of the dark underbelly of Scorpio season, which pulled focus on healing our inner emotions, we can finally start to put those issues behind us and focus on what is working in our communications and day to day sector. At its peak, this Full Moon will make peace with all the new found information that we've accumulated over the past few years, but most importantly, how we put it into daily practice. This is a great time to reflect on how we want to rework our day to day. Things like planning appointments, writing lists, working on schedules will come much easier to us and we'll feel the same circle back to us in abundance.


Which signs will be most affected?

As always with any Mercurial Full Moon you can expect a ripple effect through the mutable signs. Gemini will be particularly effected being that it's in the first house of outer self. As a result, your physical body may be feeling pulled through the mud with headaches and head colds becoming more common than usual. We can also be expected to talk a lot more, with this influx of information coming in we need to find a way to process it all. This is a particularly good time for socialisation and you may find your holiday party vocabulary has been taken up a few notches. Gemini's are known for their sparkling wit so this will be felt strongly across the board.

Of course, Gemini's fellow Mercurial sister sign Virgo will also be impacted greatly. Virgo ruled by the sixth house is one of acts of service and meticulous planning, there may be a focus on keeping up with our day to day activities and health habits in particular. Rest will be important, and coming into the new year you may be poised to start a new fitness or health care routine.

Pisces and Sagittarius will be right up in their creative, dream seeking feels! With Pisces, there may be a need to plunge into the deep waters of escapism and make your visual dreams finally come to life. Whereas, for Sagittarius, there will be a need to take a much needed break after a month of action packed soul seeking. With this Full Moon peaking in their seventh house, human connection will be of the most importance coming into the new year and romance may not be following too far behind.

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Image: Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash