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Cohere Studio wants you to find a new ROOMMATE

cohere studio ROOMMATE

Health without judgement looks like many things. For some, it's the basis of intuitive eating, or having a glass of wine with dinner, or really, doing whatever you want as long as you can find balance within such a sentiment. For others, it's exploring the female orgasm when the reigns of shame are cut loose. This, is what Cohere Studio founder Georgia Forsyth has built her work upon, and the very DNA of ROOMMATE, Cohere's debut sex toy.

Having launched last week and already landing on the bedsides of many, ROOMMATE is a clitoral suction sex enhancer that fills a gap in the repertoire. Available in subtle matte black and packaged in a way that makes you feel as though you're unboxing a very expensive candle instead of the key to your next orgasm, ROOMMATE moves away from the classic indicators linked to sex toys marketed towards women (hot pink colour-ways and curly italic branding) and leans into subtlety and elevation.

“I believe that self-pleasure and sexual wellness should naturally be a part of every woman’s self- care routine, no different to brushing your teeth or applying a weekly sheet mask, which led me to develop ROOMMATE, a sex enhancing tool that doesn’t need to be hidden away.” Said Forsyth in a press release. “I found it impossible to find a subtle yet elegant vibrator on the market that wasn’t a sickly fuchsia pink or displayed on the shelf of a sweaty sex store, let alone something that I could confidently leave on my bedside table.”

With ten intensities and variations, ROOMMATE makes room for different strokes for different folks, and oscillates while providing a gentle suction which, for those who know, know.

We could all use a little pick me up in our current climate, and nothing raises our mood quite like a climax. This is a ROOMMATE you wont find on Craigslist.

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