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Lara Worthington shares her wellness journey, what she’s reading and her favourite products right now

Australian entrepreneur, mother, and international model, Lara Worthington is taking on a new venture. She's just announced that she is the new Beauty Ambassador for Swisse.

An icon of effortless Australian beauty, Lara has always been passionate about a holistic approach to wellness. For her it's all about staying energised and striving for balance. Looking after her skin from within is essential, and keeping her overall routine simple is the key.

We connected with Lara on her new ambassadorship and to discover more about her approach to health and wellbeing. Below, she reveals her favourite products, why she never blow dries her hair and why happiness is a mainstay of her wellness routine.


Congratulations on your ​​wellness and beauty brand ambassadorship for Swisse. What draws you to and connects you to the brand?

I’ve been a big fan of the brand for seven or eight years now. Swisse is such a beautiful Australian success story. My career would not be where it is without Australia and its people and bringing light to the company’s new chapters in beauty from within, skincare and wellness makes me very proud.

Swisse is all about an integrated approach to wellness – and this reflects the approach I take to my personal health; balancing mindfulness, good nutrition and finding time for that daily movement.

So when Swisse asked me to become ambassador, it felt like a natural fit. I get as excited as anyone else about a product launch, but the best thing about being an ambassador is being able to play with all the new Swisse products early.


What does wellness mean to you?

It’s about having energy and vitality, having a passion for life and a desire for getting out of bed in the morning and feeling energised by your day and your life.

I think it means nature, being outside, being active and being balanced - from diet to mental health.

For me it’s ongoing, it’s a journey.


Do you have a wellness routine you can take us through?

I drink lots of water, eat well, move every day and just be happy!

The last few months I have found myself spending more time in my bathroom in the evenings, running a hot bath and lighting a candle. I also try and take a sauna treatment weekly. I really notice the difference in my skin the following day.

I find my skin will always look much better when I take care from the inside.

Fortunately I have worked out a way to implement exercise into my daily routine now that we are at home a lot more. I stream workouts from Fluidform Pilates, which I highly recommend. I try to create a makeshift gym, wherever I go - which really helps mentally and sets the tone of the day.



The last year has been hard on our wellbeing. How have you been keeping mentally and physically well?

In 2020, I gave birth and was then locked down with my husband and three sons for the remainder of the year. I was able to work from home and felt very fortunate to be able to do so, since so many people weren’t able to.


What are some of your favourite beauty products right now?

Lately I’ve been finding if I stay consistent with my products each day, they have a better effect on my skin.  In the morning, I use the Swisse Manuka Honey daily glow foaming cleanser, followed by the Swisse Hyaluronic 2% Vitamin b5 Glow booster Serum to feel more dewy and hydrated.

In the evening, after a double cleanse with the Swisse Manuka Honey daily glow foaming cleanser, then the super hydrating Swisse Hemp Seed Enriching Face Oil followed by the Swisse Bio-retinol Renewing Night cream which makes my skin feel plump and smooth by morning.

For everyday makeup I only use the one product, Share The Base LB cream. The product is so creamy, light weight & has the perfect amount of coverage!


What do you do when you’re run down - mentally or physically - and need to recover?

I make an effort to have early nights.  Often by the time my sons are asleep, I end up in bed myself later than I would like.

Some nights I put on a face mask just before bed to help me relax, and love  the  Swisse Polypeptide Renewing Sleep Mask – it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and plump.

Swisse also has a great offering to help with sleep and stress. The Swisse Ultiboost Relax & Sleep and new Swisse Ultiboost Calm + Destress Lemon and Honey powder are the ones to look out for.


What are your reading/watching at the moment?

I am reading First They Killed My Father and watching the Naomi Osaka documentary on Netflix.


Do you have any non-negotiables in your routine?

Can’t / won’t leave the house without a hot shower and washed hair. Never, ever blow dry my hair – always air-dry.  I find my skin will always look much better when I take care from the inside.


Will you share some words of wisdom, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Great advice applies to whatever stage of life you are in. I am teaching my sons to be themselves - something I was taught when I was young. Recently I heard the phrase ‘blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours burn brighter’ and that really landed with me.


What’s something you think more people should know about self-care and wellbeing?

I believe you have to find what’s right for you. Sometimes exercising puts me in a meditative state, and sometimes walking by the beach and listening to a podcast relaxes me more than anything. I like to stay informed with regular news updates and I also listen to podcasts such as The Daily.  I have been talking to my  friends and family a lot —speaking to them daily and checking in on them. FaceTime, group texts, phone calls every day. It’s been really great to pick up the phone and chat with friends I haven’t spoken to in a long time.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.


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