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Don’t think, just vibe: The best vibrators according to the RUSSH editors

We're all just looking for a good time. Sometimes, it is best spent on one's own, slowing down, feeling it out, making space for yourself. Other times, it is partnered, rousing, experiential. It is eros, unbound and unguarded.

In the words of Federico García, who inspired our Desire issue, “to burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” A new wave of gratification has been welcomed into the folds, one of self-satisfaction and indulgence where it matters most. Masturbation, to cut to the chase, is finally having its moment in time. A trashing of taboos and suddenly we're all getting off - so to speak - on the idea of it. Enter: the vibrator. Once synonymous with Samantha's prehistoric Hitachi plug-in, the vibrator has transcended the moment, evolving into subtle accouterments good enough for our bedsides and even better for our sex lives. Some are hands-off (literally), some are more robust. Knowing which works for you is paramount to the process. In hot pursuit of the leading offerings, these are the best vibrators for myriad scenarios.

Velvetine Tia Massager

best vibrators

An affordable option for the sensitive. Ultra-quiet and made from body-safe soft silicone, the Tia is palm-sized and ergonomically curved to fit the shape of your hand, it is aimed towards external use, is shaped like a small leaf, and features a subtle knoll that helps to hone in on vibrations. Simple and effective.


Dame Eva Hands-Free Vibrator

best vibrators

Suitable for solo play but designed with couples in mind, the Eva has flexible wings to nestle under the labia for a secure, comfortable fit, and hands-free experience while switching up positions *Ariana Grande plays*.


Womanizer Premium Eco

best vibrators

Everything that the Womanizer Classic is famed for - stimulating the clitoris with 8 levels of intense waves without any direct contact and Pleasure Air Technology's alternating pressure - only with reduced plastic, so you can get off on knowing you're doing your part for the planet.

Unbound Bender

best vibrators

A versatile option for those who want it all. The Bender is a multi-speed, waterproof, body-safe, flexible internal vibrator which suits a range of needs from G-Spot, to clitoral, to overall external stimulation. Featuring 10 speeds and patterns, it's a perfect option if you're wanting to try a range of options.


My Ilo Ring

best vibrators

A discreet and cute clitoral ring vibrator. Available in a joyful pastel yellow tone, the Ring vibrator has eight vibration patterns and is waterproof. For a quick, quiet time alone or fun with a partner, this is perfect and affordable.


Lelo Enigma

best vibrators

"For an orgasm so intense you’ll think you’ve left this planet." The Lelo Enigma tagline reads. With an option for both kinds of stimulation, Enigma offers access to both kinds of climax. Designed for both G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, one could imagine that if you're a fan of penetration, this is the one for you.


Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

best vibrators

A compact and quiet option for those who want the best of both worlds. Effective on the inside and outside (if you catch my drift) the G-Sport Bullet Vibrator has 5 versatile vibration levels and 7 different pulsing vibrations. Unintimidating for first-timers, this petite vibrator is extremely versatile.


Svakom Tyler Cock Ring

This vibrating ring satisfies both couples simultaneously or can be used on a vibrator for extra pleasure. Tyler features a soft vibrating contour pad with textured nodules designed to stimulate the clitoris during heterosexual or same-sex play.


Svakom Nymph

A slightly different design if you're looking for something unique. Featuring two ends, a round head and three rotating "fingertips" for drawn out pleasure. It's a choose your own adventure kind of toy.


We-Vibe Moxie

For the voyeurs in us all. The We-Vibe Moxie is a wearable vibrator that nestles comfortably and securely in underwear for a wherever, whenever-type situation. Held in place with a magnetic clip, Moxie can be used with an app to send via phone whenever you please.


Lora Di Carlo Osé 2

The Osé 2 combines a G-spot massager and clitoral mouth to arouse and stimulate both pleasure points simultaneously. With a fully adjustable body for all of your individual needs, airflow technology creates the sensation of stroking and sucking for external stimulation and 10 intensity settings.


We-Vibe Nova 2

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is very much OG vibrator energy. Keeping constant contact with your clitoris while stimulating your G-spot, sometimes the classics are the best.


Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

A sleek, bullet-shaped pendant for nights out that turn into nights in. Made of stainless steel, finished in 24-karat gold, and waterproof, it has four speeds and two modes (pulsing and constant). Wear it or don't, have fun regardless.


Maude Vibe

Tiny, discreet, and extremely chic, the Maude Vibe is here for good old fashioned fun, as well as belonging on your bedside without a blinked eye. The Vibe's shape and flutter tip are designed for focused stimulation and can be used solo or with a partner. With 3-speeds and a runtime of up to 2.5 hours, the Vibe is all you'll need.


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