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Watch the trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s latest A24 film, ‘C’mon C’mon’

c'mon c'mon trailer

"To visit planet Earth you will have to be born as a human child." Joaquin Phoenix narrates in the trailer for Mike Mills' new film, C'mon C'mon, which was just released yesterday and will mark the latter's first film since winning the Best Actor Oscar for Joker.

Coming off its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival over the Labor Day weekend, Phoenix stars as Johnny, a documentary filmmaker whose latest project has him interviewing children across the U.S. about the state of affairs in the world. When his sister needs to travel to help her husband who is dealing mental. illness, Johnny is asked to babysit his eight-year-old nephew. The two forge a tenuous but transformational relationship, who he ends up taking on his travels from Los Angeles to New York to New Orleans. Gabby Hoffmann, Jaboukie Young-White, Molly Webster, and Scoot McNairy also star in the film, which depicts an unfiltered child and a documentarian used to asking the questions, as they navigate the challenges and rewards of repairing a family.


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In the trailer, which is graded in an ambient black and white scape, shows glimpses of the relationship between Johnny and Jesse, from across the nation, with a voice-over of Johnny reading passages from Claire A. Nivola’s 2014 children’s book Star Child to Jesse in bed.

“Damn this book,” Johnny mutters softly when he finishes.

“You’re crying,” Jesse observes.

“No I’m not,” Johnny says.

“You’re definitely crying…”

It is very precious, and C'mon C'mon looks as though it will be one of those films that quietly stays with us forever. Watch the trailer for C'mon C'mon below, which will premiere at New York Film Festivals this month, with an A24 release later this year. And stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

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