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Adrian Grenier’s latest role in the Netflix series, ‘Clickbait’ is a far cry from the set of ‘Entourage’

Clickbait Netflix

When Netflix's August releases for 2021 dropped this morning, the internet caught wind of a certain new thriller, starring none other than Entourage and The Devil Wears Prada alum, Adrian Grenier. Which, is ironic, given that the upcoming series centres entirely around the internet. If you didn't know already, the internet is a terrifying place; both on screen and IRL – and the new Netflix series, Clickbait, is here to serve as our much-needed reminder.

The series centres around Grenier's character, Nick, who initially, comes across as your normal family man. That is, until his abducted and plastered all over the internet as an abuser of women. An abuser, whose life will end when the video reaches five million views.

As we know, reaching five million views is not the hardest task with the reach of social media at your fingertips. As the video continues to go viral, Nick's sister, Pip, (portrayed by Zoe Kazan), sets out to uncover the truth about her brother against the race of the clock. Sounds like the type of series that is sure to worsen my anxiety... but naturally, I'll be tuning in nonetheless.

If you too are intrigued to see the worst boyfriend in movie history get what he (maybe) deserves; here's everything you need to know about the new Netflix series, Clickbait.

What is Clickbait about?

As we already know, Clickbait centres around family man Nick Brewer; who is "abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist." The series aims to plunge into the depths of the internet; exposing "the ways dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fuelled in the age of social media.”

The series, which consists of all eight episodes being dropped at the same time, (prime binge watching), will flick between our perception of IRL and URL. Each episode will be narrated and be from the perspective of a different member of Nick’s family. With each new narrative, we learn that there might be more to this average man than we initially thought.

Who has been cast to star in the Netflix series?

The cast for Clickbait certainly boasts a few memorable names. Grenier is obviously taking the lead, with Kazan portraying an equally crucial role. Get Out's Betty Gabriel is also starring in what looks to be the role of Nick's wife. The series, although set in the realm of the United States was actually filmed here in Australia. Australian author and screenwriter, Christian White, is also on board as co-creator alongside Tony Ayres.

Is there a trailer and release date?

All eight of the episodes will be dropping on Netflix on August 25, but in case you can't wait that long, you can watch the gripping trailer below.


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