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If this is how Cindy Crawford worked out in the 90s, we’re in

Cindy Crawford 90s at home isolation workout

While Kaia Gerber has been keeping our reading list updated with her Instagram book club, her mum, Cindy Crawford, made a valuable contribution to our isolation routine this week with the 90s workout of our dreams. The 10-minute ‘denim shorts’ workout is a thing, featuring stretching, lunges and various kinds of squats and push-ups. Performed by a young Crawford in cut-offs, against a quintessential mottled blue backdrop. She has not entirely convinced us to swap our sweats for denim but, yes, we are more than willing to adopt her classic at home workout methods. Not least for the backing track by Seal and beauty inspiration in the form of a dark nude lip and voluminous blow dry.

“The ten minute workout you can do anywhere, any time, you don’t need any equipment, I’m not even wearing shoes,” says Crawford. “Really it’s to do when you don’t have 40 minutes to work out, but you still want to do something.”

Nineties nostalgia meets a break from the couch, meets a boost of serotonin. It’s a good one to do with friends. “We’re never going to survive, unless we get a little crazy.” Right?


Cindy Crawford’s Denim Shorts Workout

It’s a classic for a reason.


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Stretches as above
10 plié squats
10 alternating lunges
10 squats with feet together
10 alternating lunges
10 push-ups
Stretch into child’s pose
Ten push-ups with hands facing inwards
Stretch into child’s pose
10 push-ups with hands shoulder width apart
Stretch shoulders
20 crunches
20 full sit-ups
20 crunches with left elbow to right knee
Repeat on other side
20 legs-to-chest lifts with lower back supported by hands
50 “butt squeezes”
Pull knees up to chest to stretch