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Looking for an at-home mask recipe? Give Adut’s a try

at home mask

Staring into your pantry with too much time on your hands? Along with sourdough and pantry pasta there’s also at-home masks to make. For when you’re on your 15th episode of Friends but feel like you should make the most of the time. Or for when the sun is setting and you want to ensure all that staring time is used to maximum efficiency. Looking for a recipe that works though? Then supermodel Adut Akech has one using the most staple of staple ingredients. 

She explains that having suffered from pimple scars this is her at-home go to “to clear up dark spots”. 

Adut’s at-home mask recipe:

  • Honey
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon juice 

At-home mask benefits:

Honey: using raw honey in skincare is nothing new. It’s long been heralded as a powerful ingredient in skincare and you’ll often find it peppering the ingredients list of the tiny bottles lining your shelves. This is thanks to it’s powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It can treat and prevent acne on the skin when used as a mask or cleanser. It is also highly moisturising, soothing and anti aging. So you will know that you are treating your skin without drying it also. 

The pre-made alternative? The Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal and Honey mask.

Apple cider vinegar: you can drink it, clean with it and also use it on your skin. Containing acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid ACV is highly anti-inflammatory. Use topically as skincare it can provide a light exfoliation, absorb excess oil built up on the skin and aid in unclogging congested pores. A multi use product if ever there was one this has as many skincare benefits when ingested as used topically. 

The pre-made alternative? Try Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment essence

Lemon juice: perhaps the most controversial ingredient in skincare. You’ll find as many articles advising against it as there are for it. The ones that agree with its use though? As lemon juice is highly astringent it can help to decrease inflammation in the skin by balancing the skin’s pH levels. It can aid to breakdown dead skin and excess oil. Be careful to not use on irritated skin or expose your skin to sunlight too soon after use. 

The pre-made alternative? Mario Badescu Acne Clearing kit.