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WFH beauty: getting video-call ready in a flash

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While some states and territories are easing up on distancing measures, most workplaces don't seem to be heading back to the office just yet. So, we'll all be relying on Zoom meetings and FaceTime for a little longer.

With this in mind, we sought some advice on how our WFH and isolation beauty looks. Especially when Zooming into a meeting. While webcam resolutions are reasonably forgiving, they seem to capture all the wrong angles. RUSSH spoke to Priceline's Beauty Director Sarah Laidlaw on her tips for getting ready in a flash and the things we should pay a little more attention to.


Should your beauty look change for meetings over Zoom vs in person?

Most webcams on computers are typically not as clear as the camera on your phone, so you have a little bit of leeway in how you do your makeup. Also keep in mind, the main camera on a phone usually has more detail than the front camera… so again, a bit of grace there. If you’re doing a Zoom meeting, then your screen will be only one of many small screens in a matrix of squares on the screen, so less pressure to go the full glam.

Should your look change? That really depends on what your usual makeup look is of course and how you like to present yourself. It's really up to you.


What can make the biggest difference? Do you have advice for those us who are out of our routines?

There are a few things that I think make a difference for a Zoom meetings.

I like a foundation to cover or screen any uneven skin tone, dark circles or spots. You can choose anything from a BB cream though to a full cover foundation depending on your personal taste. At the least I’d recommend using a concealer to freshen up under the eyes, to combat some of extra shadowing some webcams have.

Then, define your eyes. If you usually do a full glam eye for work, then why not keep up your usual professional look for online meetings? It might help you feel more normal. If you’re a bit more relaxed with makeup usually, then at least give yourself a lift with a little bit of definition in the eyes. A sweep of a neutral eyeshadow can make your eyes appear larger.

If you’re someone usually sporting lash extensions and starting to feel weirdly naked without them, you could apply a false lash to maintain your look over the next *however many* weeks we’ll be WFH.

Give your lips some love, especially in the cold drier months. If you’re usually a lip girl, then definitely throw on your favourite shade for the camera. It’s an easy way to add colour and definition to your face and to look like you’ve made an effort with minimum actual effort. If you’re not big on lipstick, then at least keep your lips hydrated. A little flush of colour in the lips can’t hurt when you’re trying to maintain that professionalism while you’re wearing pyjama pants under the desk. I love the Lanolips tinted balms. They add a sheer colour that makes your lips look healthy, happy and almost Snow White worthy.

Keep your hair looking groomed. This can be done with fairly minimal effort for a polished façade on screen. A high ponytail or a bun are very quick ways to look groomed - and it’s even easier as you only have to look good from the front. Or if you’d rather wear your hair down, try smoothing out the front of your hair for the illusion that you’ve spend an hour doing your locks. Keep that regrowth in check with coloured hairspray style retouch colours like the L’Oréal Magic Retouch or the Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher. For those front hairline touch-ups, I love the L’Oréal Magic Retouch Precision Instant Grey Concealer. It’s like a natural coloured mascara with a wand applicator for the pesky hairs right at the front – brilliant.

But really, it's about what makes you feel best and most confident.


Since many of us are embracing sleep-ins, what are your top tips for being video-call ready in flash?

You can be super-efficient on your beauty routine for a Zoom call. Good coverage with a polished in foundation, a swipe of blush and a quick eye look and you’re ready to go.

A lash curler will make a huge difference to the look as lashes frame your eyes and also make them look larger and more awake. After you’ve curled your lashes, you could apply a few coats of a volumising mascara.

Give yourself a flush of heathy colour in your cheeks. A quick little swipe of blush or bronzer will make you feel and look healthy and fresh on cam. Just make sure it’s sheer and blended well.

Oh, and don’t forget a quick once over of that hair to really look like you’re ready for action.


Is there anything we should pay extra attention to?

Lighting is everything. If you don’t have flattering, even light in your place, try moving your computer or laptop in front of a window. Having bright, even light falling onto your face will blow out fine lines, uneven texture and under eye bags.

If it matters to you, put the camera higher than your face so you look up into it - this will give the added benefit of minimising the double chin thing we all do when looking down. If you need to, you could even place your computer on something sturdy like a stack of heavy books to get the angle right.