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Watch Chloë Sevigny in the long-awaited trailer for the harrowing film, ‘Slow Machine’

Chloë Sevigny Slow Machine

Whenever we hear the name Chloë Sevigny, we instantly gravitate. Let's be honest, it's impossible not to be entranced by her creative genius and undeniable wit. If you can cast your mind back to 2015 – a whole six years ago – you might remember news that Chloë Sevigny had been cast in the Paul Felten and Joe DeNardo film, Slow Machine. After what has felt like eternity; we have finally been treated to our first look at the long-awaited film.

Described as a "miniature epic of music, murder, espionage, and paranoia," Slow Machine follows disillusioned actor Stephanie (portrayed by Stephanie Hayes). After meeting a troubled counter-terrorism specialist Gerard (Scott Shepherd), who’s also an aficionado of experimental theatre; their relationship ends disastrously and forces Stephanie to the ramshackle home of musician Eleanor Friedberger. If the name Eleanor Friedberger sounds familiar, it's because she makes up one part of indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces. As Stephanie begins rebuilding her identity in the space of Friedberger's home, she's continuously haunted by violent memories of her past life.

The film's trailer is eerily as ominous – opening with the scene of Stephanie and Gerard's first meeting. "Where were you afraid you were when you woke up?" sneers Gerard, to which Stephanie replies, "In a stranger's apartment." As the trailer rolls on, we witness Stephanie's integration into the band's house; coupled by an appearance from our girl Sevigny who delivers a brief monologue about a mysterious and worrying encounter.

Watch Chloë Sevigny in the Slow Machine trailer below.

The film first premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam in January last year, and was later screened at the New York Film Festival in October 2020. Slow Machine was initially described in 2015 as “Andy Warhol directs a Whit Stillman thriller"; which, from what we've seen so far, seems fairly accurate. The film was also shot entirely on 16mm, so be prepared to get all the feels watching this raw, intimate tale.

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Image: YouTube