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Chloe Cherry is making career moves and her next role is about being terminally online

chloe cherry

Our perfect angel girl is making career moves. Chloe Cherry has signed on to a new project from writer and director Peter Vack called – and yes, the website is actually active. The film will mark her first appearance since she was a manga-loving Libra cutie laying low in Euphoria, while also serving as her debut on the big screen. Find everything we know about the project so far, below.

What is the film about?

As you can probably gather from the name, revolves around the world wide web and technology. According to Varietythe film has been described as a “psychedelic technosatire about growing up in captivity", which is just about the only concrete information we have on plot at this stage. As a generation that grew up on the teat of Tumblr, Bebo, MSN et al. we have a sneaking suspicion that this one is going to hit close to home.

Who has been cast?

The queen of the dissociative pout herself will be joined by two other actors, namely Dasha Nekrasova and Betsey Brown. The former having acted alongside Vack previously in PVT Chat, where the director becomes obsessed with a cam girl from San Francisco played by none other than Julia Fox. Meanwhile, Brown shared the screen with Vack in his directorial debut Assholes. While Peter Vack won't step on as actor this time around, preferring to stay behind the lens, you may recognise him as Patrick Duchand from the glossy office of Scarlet Magazine in The Bold Type.

Is there a release date?

Like all worthwhile films, they're always keeping you on your toes. And so, we haven't heard word of an official release date yet. Watch this space as more information inevitably trickles out. We're looking forward to seeing Cherry on our screens once more.

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