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The Chanel Culture Fund has released a new film sharing it’s latest project

Chanel continues its long history of championing the arts by launching the Chanel Culture Fund. Through this promising initiative announced earlier in the year, the House will invest in both individual artists and cultural institutions in a bid to see the arts reflect the cultural revolution we are now in the midst of. In a world where creatives are reeling post-pandemic, the Chanel Culture Fund was a welcome commitment.

Now, Chanel has released a video that reiterates its commitment, sharing the story of a five partnerships across five cities. The five partners include The National Portrait Gallery – London, The Underground Museum – Los Angeles, Centre Pompidou – Paris, GES-2 – Moscow and the Power Station of Art – Shanghai. Each is heralded with interviews, which helps to tell the story of the Fund's new global programme of initiatives, designed to help creatives innovate and rethink the space that is visual and performing arts.

Through ongoing projects and partnerships Chanel intends to shed light on "missing narratives, foster collaboration across disciplines, and help propel transformative ideas that benefit culture and society" according to a press statement.

At The National Portrait Gallery the focus will be on reconsidering the place of women in the gallery's archives.

"Women have always contributed to society, but very often they’ve been kept on the margins. With the support of the CHANEL Culture Fund, we are bringing women back to the centre by researching those women who are already in the collection and finding ways of bringing their achievements to a greater audience" said Dr. Flavia Frigeri, Chanel Curator for the Collection.

Meanwhile at the Centre Pompidou Chanel will oversee an ongoing program that brings designers, artists and scientists together in an effort to collaborate on "new ecologies for sustainable cities and communities"

Discover the film below.


The Chanel Culture Fund was first brought to our attention in March 2021; it has two main focuses. The first is to grant visibility to individual artists. Through the Chanel Next Prize, ten pioneering artists spearheading their creative fields, whether that be dance, music, visual or performing arts, will be awarded €100,000 to be spent creating a magnum opus. Alongside the giant sum, artists will receive mentorship and access to an invaluable networking community as curated by Chanel. For those who wish to be considered, the Prize is open to all ages, genders and nationalities.

Chanel sets a hopeful example for onlookers as they invest in a brighter world.

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