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Marion Cotillard and director Mona Achache sit down at Cannes Film Festival with Chanel

Chanel Cannes

Chanel's long history with cinema and Hollywood has always been a well-documented affair. It was reaffirmed this month when the House chose to present its 2023/24 cruise collection in the city of angels as a tribute to Hollywood dreams. Less than a month later, the brand arrives at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, further reflecting Chanel's commitment to the seventh art.

It is here that Mona Achache's Little Girl Blue is premiering, a film which received the support of Chanel in production, and was presented for a special screening on May 21st at the Film Festival. The docudrama explores family secrets, as the French Moroccan director resurrects her mother, played by Marion Cotillard, replaying her life in an attempt to understand her, and embark on one woman's journey to liberation.

For Cotillard, what felt most important to her about being part of the film was this journey. "It was the quest," she tells Chanel in an interview. "I get really moved by tormented souls who are searching, trying to understand. Looking to heal."

Her relationship as an actress with the House is long spanning, and one that feels symbiotic in the ways that they exist beside each other. "It’s important to be well surrounded and supported in this business. And this energy, shared by all the people who work at the House, both welcomes and carries the artists.

"Chanel is passionate about artistic expression and for cinema in particular. It accompanies exacting, singular films with a deep artistic vibrancy. The support it gives to new productions and to the restoration of old works is remarkable." She notes of the House.

Watch the conversation between Achache and Cotillard, on their experience creating Little Girl Blue together, as they reflect on the genesis of the film and open up about their approach of the main character, played on screen by the actress and House ambassador.

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