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Introducing Catinella VR – a new way forward for fashion

catinella VR

In a decade that will be forever marked by the need to stay indoors, the fashion industry has been forced to think differently.

The ways in which the industry operates has changed and evolved throughout the year of COVID-19 - and the needs of the consumer along with it. With an emphasis on safety and social and climate justice, there has never been more of a need to adjust to the present.

International brand consultancy CATINELLA  has risen to that very challenge with the launch of CATINELLA VR - a first in tech for fashion, elevating traditional fashion showroom and runway presentation into an interactive virtual reality experience.

catinella VR

After noticing a huge gap in the way the industry traditionally shows collections, CATINELLA has brought forward an alternative option which supports the consumers need to meaningfully connect with brands alongside a sustainable and cost-effective alternative for brands to show collections through an entirely futuristic lens. We spoke with founder of CATINELLA VR, Robyn Catinella about the need for such innovation during this time and what it means to be at the forefront of fashion VR.

"Until recently, the fashion industry has viewed technology as an add-on, almost a dirty word and kept very separate to the creative process. However, it’s become clear that the potential applications of new technologies work in tandem with the creative process and can capture designer and brand visions in new and exciting ways. " Catinella says.

catinella VR

"A key shortcoming that has been missing from technology in fashion is the human element of it all - the ability to capture the nuances of a real-life model, but through the advances in tech, we can bridge these gaps and capture elements such as texture, lighting, fluidity and natural movement. If every designer shifted just a fraction of their designs into Clo 3d (fashion design software), the reduction in wastage and carbon emissions could truly change our world for the better."

To mark the launch of CATINELLA VR, Catinella teamed up with emerging sustainable label ESSE Studios to introduce their 4th capsule collection within the 3D Catinella Showroom environment, where viewers commence their journey at the entrance of the showroom and move through a curtained entryway where they can explore the environment and interact with the space.

As a designer, stepping in this new frontier. You want to be sure that the tactile element is there as much as the digital. Working with people who you know are going to capture the perfect blend of both and bring your vision to life is paramount." explains Charlotte Hicks, founder and designer of ESSE Studios.

"I have always be driven by optimising and finding better ways of working in really demanding industry. My approach to Esse has always been about blending the old and the new. Slowing down and taking ‘cues’ from the past, capturing that beauty, holding onto the craft but using innovation to take that into the future. Rethink and be better on all fronts."


"As an industry and as storytellers within that industry we need to re-lense our process w tech in fashion & to do that we need artists across different disciplines to master and embrace the new technology w different collision & disruption points. " Catinella says.

"I’m excited for the immersive magic. The oldest of technical skills and application can be showcased using VR, it doesn’t have to all be fast & futuristic. A slow, considered, methodical pace which cradles a meditative experience to navigate through special aesthetics to be a refinement of voice and vision."

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