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A look inside Amber Sceats’ latest collection, ‘Évoluer’

An ode to change and the ever-evolving environment that we live in. Amber Sceats latest collection Évoluer draws inspiration from the past, while channelling that same energy into the present. A classic yet contemporary collection, we caught up with designer Amber Sceats who shared her inspirations for Évoluer along with the campaign shoot and BTS starring Australian models Agi Akur and Aleyna Fitzgerald.



Talk us through your latest collection ‘Évoluer’…

We are so excited to have finally launched! This collection was almost 6 months overdue and I’m incredibly happy to be able share it with everyone. Évoluer is my favourite collection to date. With everything that’s gone on in this crazy year we felt like we had a responsibility to diversify and just do better. I feel our campaign really showcases the collection perfectly and demonstrates the direction we want to move in.

We truly feel like Évoluer is a huge step forward from where we were a year ago, we are so proud of this one. Loads of statement jewels, crushed gold and freshwater pearl designs handmade in Italy and India.




What was your inspiration?

When starting the design process for Évoluer, I was primarily focused on texture and the feeling of luxury. We really wanted to showcase the best of the best, drawing inspiration from the past and channelling it into the present. The pieces are an ode to change and the ever-evolving environment we create within.

Architecture and interiors play a pivotal role in where I draw inspiration from. I’m currently in the process of building my forever dream home and researching mid-century interiors really got my creative juices flowing. That, plus my personal obsession with pearls. Évoluer is at once classic and contemporary. Every moody shadow and gold glimmer represents our journey and the progression of the Amber Sceats brand.



What are some of your hero pieces?

That’s a hard one! I have trouble culling pieces during the design process, which is why my collections are always so large. I feel such an attachment to my creations. They are my babies and every piece has meaning for me. I would say some of my favourite pieces are the…

Elly Necklace and Bracelet set
Delilah Earrings
Zunilka Earrings
Marnie Earrings
Alex Earrings
Frances Bracelet and Earrings



How do you stay creative during this time of global unrest?

It has been a pretty unbelievable year and there have been a lot of hardships and situations which have been so saddening to witness. I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position I am and although some events have changed the game, I think if anything, it’s made me more grateful and want to work harder and push my creativity to new places. Being a small business during this time was terrifying, but we’ve adapted and pulled through. My team are incredible and without their endless support and dependability I would not be where I am today. I think some amazing things can happen in times of suffering, and as a brand we are doing our best to stay in the know and keep learning and changing.



What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

I dream of a world with more kindness, more empathy, more freedom, less negativity, no racism… I could go one forever! I hope I can continue to grow my brand organically and globally and continue to love what I do, whilst working with inspiring people who challenge me every day.


What do you appreciate the most right now?

Amid the pandemic, this year has absolutely forced me to slow down and appreciate the simple things, like going out for dinner with friends. I dream of one day getting back onto a plane and travelling once again. Most of all I appreciate life. The good and the bad.




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