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Introducing Le Sustain – Le Specs’ sustainable eyewear range made out of grass

Le Specs Le Sustain

Introducing the latest from Le Specs. An eyewear collection like you've never seen before.

The newest range from this cult Australian brand is called Le Sustain - a collection with a vision to make eyewear more sustainable. A project that has taken over five years to perfect, the frames in the range are made out of 77% recycled plastic - and 23% meadow grass. Yes, grass.

It's a step in the direction of the brand's broader commitment to ethical practices. Le Sustain has less packaging and the packaging it does come with is made from recycled products, which in turn can be recycled again. Everything has been intimately considered.

At the helm of the brand's success is Creative Director Hamish Tame. We got the chance to speak to Hamish about the ideas behind this collection - and why sustainability is so important to Le Specs.


Can you tell us a little more about the Le Sustain?

Le Sustain is a standalone concept from Le Specs that focuses on sustainability with every material and detail used. Our launch collection frames are made from 23% grass, and 77% recycled plastic, while all packaging uses 100% recycled materials and is entirely waste-free.


Le Specs Le Sustain

What inspired you to create this collection?

The inspiration for the Le Sustain collection was our future, and we will leave the planet for generations to come. Personally, and also as a brand, I felt a responsibility to use our platform and position globally to try and make a positive change for the eyewear market.


Le Specs Le Sustain

The Le Sustain sunglasses are made from recycled plastic but also - very interestingly - grass. How did you discover you could make glasses from grass?

The idea was sparked from homewares and furniture which used similar materials. We discussed the idea with our manufacturing partner, and from then got working on the design and engineering process to see if it was structurally and commercially possible.


Le Specs Le Sustain

Why did you choose to make a collection such as this?

The idea behind the collection is for us to innovate with new materials, experimental manufacturing techniques, and reduce our environmental footprint. We are launching Le Sustain as a standalone concept, so we don’t need to adhere to the packaging requirements often required by many international retailers, and using it as the catalyst for sustainable changes across our wider Le Specs collections.


Le Specs Le Sustain

What do you think the future of fashion will (or needs to) look like?

I believe that Australia can become a leader in pioneering sustainable fashion globally. We have so many incredible and talented Australian brands such as P.E. Nation, and Bassike focused on sustainability. It is now how we work together as an industry to drive significant long-term change.


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