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Vestiaire Collective’s latest Vintage Archive is here

Vestiaire Collective Vintage Mania

From Wednesday August 26 until September 4, Vestiaire Collective's latest Vintage Archive is open and ready for you to shop.

So, what's good?

Don't panic, but some of the hero pieces include a Jean Paul Gaultier corset from 1989, Alaïa studded gloves from 1981, a vintage Prada Nylon bag and a 1970’s Celine top.

Vestiaire Collective Vintage Mania


The Vintage edit was put together by four vintage experts - Suzanne Koller, Bay Garnett, Alexander Fury and Sami Miro. These curators have pulled together a series of edits, which include pieces from the 70’s through to the 00’s.

You should also know that Vestiaire Collective will be running an online treasure hunt. If you log onto the site from September 3 - 7, you might get the opportunity to pick up an iconic piece for just 1% of the current selling price. The sale fun continues with a series of special offers on vintage pieces running from September 8 - 10.


Vestiaire Collective Vintage Mania


Excited? We are too. Without further ado, you can head to the Vintage edits here. Have your credit cards ready.

These vintage edits comes to us as part of Vestiaire Collective's Vintage Rising -  which is an initiative designed to celebrate the importance of vintage fashion.

We know that the fashion industry is a huge contributor to global carbon emissions, water pollution and unethical labour practices. And thousands of tonnes of new fashion pieces are produced every single week. It seems a little crazy when we think about how many amazing pieces already exist. Vintage fashion is a much more sustainable option.

Vintage Rising looks to share the beauty and uniqueness of vintage fashion, and spotlight the fashion pieces that can lead us to a more environmentally-friendly way of shopping. The edit pulls together a truly unique ‘Only on Vestiaire’ selection of must-haves - rare vintage pieces that you'll treasure now and forever.


Vestiaire Collective Vintage Mania


We're seeing more and more that vintage is the new new. In fact it's one of Vestiaire Collective’s fastest-growing fashion categories. It's grown by 140% year on year. Vintage is a way to find unique and rare pieces that you can’t find elsewhere - while reducing our demand for new products. That's two big thumbs up from us.







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