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Caroline Polachek is making a song for A24 and it’s more than we deserve


If like us the new Caroline Polachek album has got you hitting the repeat button so often it's becoming threadbare, we have some news that might make you very happy. Her new album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You dropped last week, and I'm still in that sweet spot where the songs aren't yet overplayed (although the song Fly to You feat. Grimes and Dido is becoming dangerously close).

I know I'm not the only one. Don't get RUSSH editor Ella O'Keeffe started on that Charli XCX and George Daniel remix of Welcome to my Island, either. "It makes me want to take my top off," she told the group chat when it dropped.

This is the energy that listening to her music gives you, and that's how she wants you to feel too. Polachek says the song is an anthem to the walk of shame, "being out all night and you don’t care because you’re completely insulated in your own kind of bratty, messy, slutty spiral".

In a crossover that feels like a hyper-specific Venn diagram merging my every interest, Caroline Polachek is working on a new song for A24.

She shares this news in an interview with Vulture when describing what she gets up to in London before she goes on tour. Obviously, this is some very exciting news. We've heard her appear on the soundtracks of Minions and Do Revenge but this announcement feels as if there's something juicier in store. If like us you're hankering for a shred of information about this announcement, we'll be the first to give you any updates on what we know.

If you love a film soundtrack, we've rounded some up for you so you can get your cinematic music fix. If you're itching for your next A24 watch, The Idol is coming around sooner than you think.

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