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The ultimate gift guide for the savvy Capricorn in your life

The ultimate gift guide for the savvy Capricorn in your life

Well, it's true what they say about Capricorns, they'll make you work for it. So you better be prepared when it comes to narrowing down a birthday gift for them, they aren't too easily pleased. To be fair, the sea-goats (yes, sea-goats) of the zodiac have it mostly all figured out on their own. But we still have some tricks up our sleeve when it comes to putting together the perfect gift for them.

The certified task masters of the zodiac are savvy when it comes to their style, the Capricorn in your life is always looking for a way to make their life a little less taxing. They aren't exactly looking for trinkets and collectibles to add to their repertoire – they are all about the practical and tangible sentiments; items that can add value to their life. But they're not all work, and enjoy a bit of play – so gifts they can unwind with, relax with and kick up their heels with are a great option too.

They're not caught up in the trends, and probably won't be especially nostalgic or sentimental – they're rooted pretty firmly in the here and now. They'd probably prefer the classics over something found in a TikTok trend, and as earth signs, they're pretty grounded in material objects. So whether you're looking to give them a gift that takes their career or hobby to new heights, or that will help them get some much needed rest and relaxation time in, we thought it best to compile the ultimate Capricorn gift guide if you're stuck for inspiration.


1. ACNE STUDIOS Card Holder


2. COUNTRY ROAD Water Bottle


3. Play it as it Lays by Joan Didion


4. MEJURI Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings


5. MAX MARA Daisy Leather Shoulder Bag


6. DIPTYQUE Roses Candle


7. COURRÈGES Perfuem in 'L'Eau De LIESSE'


8. COMMUNE Seymour Hand Duo


9. THE NORTH FACE Women's Puffer Jacket


10. COHORT Coffee Subscription


11. GOOD PAIR DAYS Wine Pack


12. DEIJI STUDIOS Loungewear Set


13. GLOSSIER You Perfume




15. JULY Suitcase


16. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin


17. A.P.C. Tote


18. STONEY CLOVER Makeup Case


19. DJERF AVENUE Breezy Shirt


20. FERM Green Liquer Glass Set


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