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Our picks for the Best Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas this year

Valentine's Day creeps up every year, and for those who celebrate the occasion, navigating the world of gifts and ultimately, what they mean can be both tricky, and ridiculous. Our advice? Let go of the connotations and lean into what's most thoughtful for the individual. Once we start abolishing traditional ideas of Valentine's Day, perhaps we'll finally start celebrating love and care, free of inhibitions. In the meantime, below is a round-up of our favourite genderless gestures. The best Valentine's Day gifts from you to them.


2020 Brave New Wine Andiamo! (Magnum - 1.5L)




Jacquemus Le Bambino


Tiffany Hardwear Link Necklace



Venustus Paddington Treatment




Ludovic De Saint Sernin Vers Ring




WeVibe Melt




Dame Alu Lubricant




We're Not Really Strangers Game




Bistrot Cutlery




In Bed 100% Linen Robe




Leif Body Double Desert Lime




Unyoked Stay




Coqui Coqui Tabacco Perfume




Maison Balzac Essential Oil Burner




Hermes Sellier Change Tray




Olive Tree




Jocelyn Petroni Facial




Natasha Schweitzer Tallows Bangle




Mating in Captivity




Tow and Line Linen Sheet Set




If you're looking for a guide that leans on the specifies, perhaps our Valentines Day Gifts for her, or for him, would feel more targeted. For those who are opting to stay in because, let's be honest, going on a date on Valentines Day feels like the equivalent of sticking a fork in your eye, you can cook something delicious with our valentines day recipe round up, and get cozy to our favourite loved-up films for the occasion. If you're in need of some florals to say it with sentiment, you can find our guide to the best florists. Or perhaps you're inclined to go on an adventure, in which case, the best things to do for the occasion are here at your perusal. Whatever your heart desires, stay safe this Valentines Day and lean into the love.


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