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The butterfly haircut is the perfect style to see you through the change of season

When was the last time you changed your hair style? The last TikTok haircut trend? Probably either the 90's blowout look (adopted as The Rachel) or bangs?

When it comes to hair, we have the luxury to do what we want with the peace of mind knowing it will just grow back. I know that's been my justification for dying my hair multiple variations between platinum blonde to ebony brown. Whether you're looking for a move of renewal, or simply looking to change it up from your regular "just straight across" cut- it's time for a metamorphosis with the butterfly haircut.

Sure, the butterfly haircut might be a fancy terminology of a layered hair cut, something that TikTok specialises in, to reminiscence between food and animals in relation to something that already exists, like blueberry milk nails or the wolf cut. While it might have us questioning our individuality and creativity, it's undeniable we have an obsession with aesthetics, and the way the butterfly haircut is trending might prove so.

But for the right reasons. As someone who has tried the butterfly haircut, it's a TikTok trend that gives my stamp of approval.


What is the butterfly haircut?

The butterfly haircut is a layering hairstyle that consists of shorter layers on top and at the front that blends down to the longer layers at the bottom. A style that gives movement, texture and bounce- think Matilda Djerf hair. The perk of this style is even when you're not in the mood to curl or blow dry your hair, your hair will still deliver. Putting half of your hair in a claw clip with this haircut was a personal favourite, it looked voluminous and effortless.

This haircut can work with a bob, mid-length or long hair. Most commonly seen, and probably works best with long hair, the butterfly is multifaceted, and does it for everyone. Even celebrities such as Sydney Sweeney, Sabrina Carpenter, Emily Ratajkowski and as mentioned above, Matilda Djerf are wearing this style. Whether they intentionally meant to have the butterfly haircut, their style has been adopted and repurposed to it. And if you too want to recreate their looks, the chances that your hairdresser will know what you're talking about when you ask for the butterfly haircut is most likely. And if not, we have curated some reference images to show.



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Will it work on thin hair?

As someone with fine hair, this cut was a win. I just had asked for the layers that would normally be placed at the back to not be as short and have more around the face to allude to this style, giving the illusion my hair is thicker then it is. Having thick heavy hair is more optimal at achieving this hair style to its full capacity, to allow for more layers to be cut at the back, giving the full butterfly effect look.


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