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We can finally have hair like Matilda Djerf – the influencer has just launched a beauty line

matilda djerf avenue beauty

Some say Matilda Djerf has the best hair on Instagram. Whether you agree, it's easy to see why. Her hairstyle is big, it's blonde, it's bouncy, recalling images of Farrah Fawcett or a 70s-era Dolly Parton. Open TikTok, and you'll find it swarming with tutorials on how to replicate her blowout or, for the bold, how to DIY your own curtain bangs. This is the Djerf effect at play. So it's only natural that the Swedish content creator would expand her successful clothing label with a beauty line, too. Introducing, Djerf Avenue Beauty. Here's everything we know about it.


Is there a release date?

Keen to get your hands on Djerf Avenue Beauty? The good new is a release date is just around the corner. The initial products will launch on March 27, 2024.


What products will be available?

The Djerf Avenue Beauty line is Matilda Djerf's answer to the products missing from her own hair routine. As such, Djerf has unveiled two key products for her first drop: an on the go styling gel and a breezy styling mist.

The styling gel is the key to achieving slick buns and taming your hair post workout or between wash days. The best thing? When you brush it out at the end of the day, it doesn't leave a residue, so you're not immediately required to jump in the shower. Meanwhile, the styling mist doubles as a heat protectant and provides that extra oomph, with a lightweight formula that contains sunflower seed extract, aloe vera, hydrolysed wheat protein and panthenol.

From the looks of things, the beauty products will soon be accompanied by a spa-inspired range of Djerf Avenue Beauty pieces. I'm talking a bow scrunchie, bath robes, towels, a makeup bag and organiser.


Does Djerf Avenue Beauty ship to Australia?

Just like her fashion line, Matilda Djerf has ensured that her Australian followers are accounted for. Yes, Djerf Avenue Beauty will be available to shop in Australian and New Zealand from the Djerf Avenue Beauty website, with free shipping available for orders over $295.

You can also bundle your beauty selects with clothing too.


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Image: @matildadjerf