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Move over Connell’s Chain, there is a new horny piece of silver with its own Instagram account


Way back in 2020 we furiously binged the horny teen drama Normal People - the Hulu adaptation of Sally Rooney's best-selling book. Upon watching, most of us were so worked up by Paul Mescal's beefy gloriousness that we got sucked in so far, when an Instagram account was created in honour of the silver chain his character Connell Waldron wore around his neck throughout the series, it seemed only natural to follow with fervour.

Now, in the midst of continued lockdowns across the globe where we are all ready and prepared to binge our lives away, Netflix's Bridgerton has entered the chat, and with it, an Instagram account dedicated to the spoon used by the shows Duke of Hastings.

For context, the silver spoon in question plays a vital part in portraying the Duke's raw sexual power, which is displayed rather relentlessly in his sex scenes with Daphne Bridgerton. Compared to Mescal's tender sad boi approach as his character Connell, the Duke of Hastings has the potential to surpass even his magnetism.

The stan account- @thedukesspoon - surfaced three days ago, on January 4, and pays tribute to the perhaps horniest moment on period drama television that we've seen so far: the Duke of Hastings practically making out with a spoon. In the interest of comic relief, this is welcome news. While the account features more content of the Duke than the single money shot, it's clear who the real star of the show is, and you can't argue with such dedication.


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With this information, we'll leave it to the public, who would you rather polish your silverware? Tortured and Tender Connell Waldron, or Sex Symbol Du Jour, Duke of Hastings? Perhaps we really are hitting rock bottom, by debating which piece of metal we'd rather be jealous of.


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