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Bottega Veneta’s digital quarterly journal ISSUED is out now with ISSUE 03

Daniel Lee has become quite the fashion provocateur with Bottega Veneta; always the one to find his own and setting the tone for ways in which things can be done in the industry. Which of course, we can all remember, the utter shock and horror with his first pioneering endeavour - when he decided to pull the brands social media (R.I.P), to which back then, felt more confusing than ever.



Now fast forward to a few years and it's become apparent that, well, this was all a part of the bigger picture. Harnessing a fierce trajectory to connect and communicate Bottega Veneta to its audience from behind the curtains of intention and honesty; the House released its quarterly digital magazine titled ISSUED, and now we have here, its third instalment, ISSUE 03.



A digital magazine that's free, accessible and wildly interactive; you are invited to enter the world of Bottega Veneta that one could only conjure up in dreams. With every issue being vastly different from its last, we usher in a new line up of collaborators, artists, illustrators and photographers for ISSUE 03. This time around. Bottega Veneta hosting none other than the worship that is Nan Goldin, Tyrone Lebon and DJ Honey Dijon, even going as far to include professional footballer Raheem Sterling, spotlighting the glory of its newest collection Salon 02.



All around once again, Bottega Veneta's ISSUE 03 feels optimistic, inclusive and dare I say it - fun. As Daniel Lee quoted with the launch of its first issue, Issue 01 - "I wanted to do something joyful instead. We are not just a brand, we are a team of people who work together, and I don’t want to collude in an atmosphere that feels negative."



Bottega Veneta's ISSUE 03 went rogue with full list of collaborators and contributors including Akeem Smith, Davit Giorgadze, Erika Vogt, Giacomo Balma, Honey Dijon, Isabel + Helen, Joshua Gordon, Manuel Rossner, More and More, Michele Foti, Midori Takada, Nan Goldin, Ornella Muti, Raheem Sterling, Rosie Marks, Ritsue Mishima, Simon171, Stefano Pilati, Takashi Homma, Thierry Perez, Tyrone Lebon, Valentina Cameransi and XK Studios.


Bottega Veneta's digital magazine ISSUE 03 is available for your perusal at, where you're also free to explore past issues with Bottega Veneta ISSUE 01 and Bottega Veneta ISSUE 02 at your fingertips.


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