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The podcasts we’ll be listening to in 2022

Best Podcasts 2022

Whether it be in the car, on the train or while unwinding at home, the humble podcast has become an extension of the way we consume daily content. As such, diversifying the voices and topics listened to is a seamless way to make your content consumption a more engaging, all-encompassing experience. We’ve pulled together a list of the best podcasts on our radar for 2022, from deep dives into famous families, political discourse and more.


1. The Cutting Room Floor

Hosted by Recho Omondi, the Cutting Room Floor’s ethos is to uncover ‘everything they didn’t teach you in fashion school.’ A trained designer herself, Omondi is based out of New York City and after closing her label in 2020, solely devotes herself to producing the podcast. Ranging from interviews with industry figures to exploring new and innovative concepts in fashion, the podcast boasts an armada of varied, thought-provoking content.


2. The Roxane Gay Show


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While the details on her latest podcast are still to be released, Roxane Gay’s newest show is certainly one high on our radar. The writer’s current podcast, Hear to Slay, is a curation of compelling conversations blending the boundaries of humorous conversation with considered, stimulating commentary. If her eponymous new release in 2022 is anything like her current show, we’re sure it’ll be a series of intriguing episodes well worth a listen.


3. Even the Rich


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Hosts Brook Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams produce an immersive experience for listeners, recounting the history and fanfare of famous families across the globe. From breaking down the complex lineage of the Kennedys to the Versaces and Guccis, the show allows listeners to understand decades of intricate, entangled timelines in digestible chunks.


4. When Diana Met

The enduring appeal of the Princess of Wales continues to permeate the fascinations of many, more than 20 years since her passing. With countless movies, documentaries and books written about her life, a podcast is the natural progression in understanding the late Lady Di. Hosted by Aminatou Sow and released in late 2021, When Diana Met dissects the royal’s life through discussions with public figures and notable celebrities who encountered her during her life.


5. Every Outfit


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Pairing alongside Instagram account Every Outfit on Sex and the City, the Every Outfit podcast explores the inherent sartorial and pop cultural musings of hosts Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni. An extension of their viral account, the podcast dissects a slew of topics ranging from brand collaborations, society figures and of course the styling on SATC spin off, And Just Like That.


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