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Don’t know where to start Pilates classes? Here are some of Sydney’s best pilates studios

Pilates has to be one of the most praised forms of exercise of the moment. Whether you were first introduced to the full-body workout in the comfort of your living room during the pandemic, or have since been bombarded by multiple TikTok videos of people the world swearing by the movement form, the rise in Pilates studios has been unstoppable. So, whether you're a regular Pilates goer, or are wanting to try it out for the first time, finding a great Pilates studio in the sea of thousands can be tricky. Which is why we're bringing you our list of the best Pilates studios in Sydney.


Core Culture

With two beautiful studios, one nestled in Newport and one in Cammeray, Core Culture is a luxe experience from the moment you step into the scented foyer to the cold, scented towel when you leave. With a focus on athleticism and a full body burn, Core Culture is the place to go for results.


Limitless Pilates

At limitless, you have the intimacy and focus between your instructor and yourself with only five people in a class. Great for beginners that need that one on one assistance. Experiencing their classes first hand, you can assure they will make sure all alignments are correct, giving a slow pace, breath focused, but challenging workout.




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Vaura is your more fast paced, motivating class. Hype music, fun lights and energetic instructors, you can rest assured that you will be entering a positively inspiring class, and leaving feeling on fire.


BodyLove Pilates


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If you're looking for a class in the CBD, BodyLove pilates has a studio in a penthouse that overlooks the city. Believing in the mindful burn, and taking breathing exercises into account each class for the mind and body. With each workout not the same you can expect a dynamic flow lead program that focuses on nourishing the body.


Peaches Pilates


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Owning a studio in Maroubra, Byron Bay and Melbourne, Peaches Pilates like Limitless have a small class of no more than 10, where you can expect direct beach views while working out. The studio to go to if you're looking to feel good and feel connected with a community.


Body XP


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In Double Bay is Bodyxp, a small studio that has up to 7 people in a class. They offer adjustability in each weight, length and cord on offer in pilates, they also offer larger weights to the experienced and personal one on one training.


KX Pilates


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KX Pilates offers the option in each class to either push yourself or stay within your limits. Following the Kaizen philosophy, they believe in small continuous improvements to big rewards. A chain studio, you will be sure to find a KX pilates studio nearest to you in Sydney.


Mode Pilates


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Mode Pilates have studios North Sydney, Mosman and Manly. The Many studio is where progressive pilates meets barre and cardio, where two workouts are never the same. Their Mosman studio is dedicated fully to the whole pilates experience of either mat or reformer.


Scout Pilates


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Inclusive, accessible, fun. That makes up the Scout ethos, and it drives a pretty good bargain. With studios split across St. Peters and Marrickville, the Scout outposts in the innerwest are palaces of Reformers, mat and yoga classes. Make sure to stop by early for their cocoa and rose tea. It's on the house - scout's honour.



What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that uses almost every muscle in the body, pushing beyond the physical benefits and into the mind. Being a low-impact strength workout, the core-based exercise strengthens muscles, improving your mobility and flexibility while preventing the chance of neck and back pains in life. In Pilates while you workout, you tap into a form of focus that quiets the mind and acts as a form of meditation, calming the nervous system.

That's why I believe finding your studio and community for Pilates is quite important. The rhythm, size of the class, and instructor makes all the difference in finding a safe space to practice and enjoy your classes. Luckily in the world of Pilates, it's all about crafting the experience to the individual. Whether you do mat classes, or prefer the reformer, they are all customisable with weight and resistance to each person's level of comfort. That while the Pilate shakes are real, you won't be shaking uncontrollably, but left reaping the benefits.

When I first started reformer Pilates I was nervous at the thought of starting a new form of exercise, that from the outside can look intimidating. This lead me to trying a Pilates studio that held personal classes of four, that happened to be part of a physiotherapist, so I felt as if I was in safe hands. Two years on and Pilates is my religion, my sermon if you will.

Below, a curated list of some of the best Pilates studios in Sydney to try.



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