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21 of our favourite Brisbane bakeries to visit

21 of our favourite Brisbane bakeries to visit

Who doesn't love a sweet little baked treat every now and then? It would seem that Brisbane residents certainly do, with plenty of bustling boutique bakeries scattered around the inner suburbs.

From the aroma of freshly baked sourdough wafting through the streets to the delicate pastries that tantalise the taste buds, Brisbane's bakery scene is a haven for bread lovers and dessert aficionados alike. Join us as we explore the city's finest bakeries, where artisanal craftsmanship meets mouthwatering flavours – from the TikTok-famous Brooki's Bakehouse to off-the-beaten-trail French boulangeries that are worth poking your nose into.

For our favourite Brisbane bakeries (as someone who lived there for 10 years), read on:


1. Agnes Bakery (Fortitude Valley)


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Best for: Instagram opps, basque cheesecake, early birds

Open: Every day

When COVID lockdowns forced the opening of Agnes restaurant into a makeshift takeaway bakery, no one could have guessed what a hit it would become. Yes, we were all bored, largely unemployed and looking for anything to mark our calendars with, but the 4am hundred-person-deep lineups for wood-fired baked goods can principally be attributed to how DAMN GOOD everything tasted. The pop-up has since found its own, permanent home in an old Queenslander corner shop on James Street, and has continued to be one of the city's most sought-after spots to indulge in a delectable assortment of sourdough varieties, the ever-popular Basque burnt cheesecake, and a selection of rotating kouign-amann, danishes and an ever-changing donut of the day. And for those more savoury-inclined, there are baguettes and breakfast rolls filled with bacon, egg, and German relish.


2. Sprout Bakery (Fortitude Valley)

Best for: croissants, indecisives, imported butter fans.

Open: Tuesday–Sunday

Across the road from Agnes is Valley favourite Sprout, whose itty-bitty black corner shop fit-out is as adorable and chic as the pastries they sell. Their offerings are tailored, with daily baked goods that range from rustic sourdough loaves to indulgent pastries like croissants, buttery scones, custard tarts and savoury bostocks (brioche toast). Everything is made using organic, sustainable flours from Gunnedah’s Wholegrain Milling, and imported Belgian butter, and


3. Florence Cafe (Camp Hill)


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Best for: Cake as breakfast, brunching, sweet suburbia.

Open: Every day

For those in the southside suburbs of Brisbane, we'd suggest heading to Camp Hill's Florence Cafe, which sits at a suburban corner of Martha Street. The renovated Queenslander boasts a custom fit-out and handcrafted furniture, where you can pull up a chair at their communal table or takeaway your baked goods and coffees to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Their rotating daily selection includes seasonal favourites like tiramisu doughnuts, orange and almond cake, savoury galettes, peach shortcakes and brown butter Victoria sponge. Plus there are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options each day.


4. Chouquette (New Farm)


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Best for: French boulangeries, baguettes, petit fours.

Open: Wednesday–Sunday

As a former New Farm resident, this was my go-to spot for a sweet treat or Chai on my days working from home. Yes, you'll probably feel obliged to attempt your best French accent when asking for a 'Pain aux Raisin' given that most of Chouqettes staff (and its owners) are French speakers, but that just makes the whole experience that much more authentic. They do an excellent cinnamon scroll, fresh pressed OJ (for those sweltering summer days where you've sworn off hot coffees), and an excellent selection of savoury baguette sandwiches for a lunchtime switch-up. There are a few tables you can gather at inside, but I'd highly suggest marching yourself and your baked good over to the Howard Smith Wharves outlook to enjoy your meal with a view.


5. James St Bakery (Fortitude Valley)


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Best for: Sourdough to end all sourdoughs, gluten-free treats, fancy sausage rolls.

Open: Every day

This one is a bit of a hidden gem – tucked away inside of the James Street Market grocer. Yes, it offers all the usual trimmings  – pastries, pies, fancy sausage rolls and flatbreads, sandwich loaves, baguettes and more – but what's most impressive at this bakehouse is one very particular spot is their Miche Sourdough. Now, I'm letting you in on a secret I've long gatekept – but this is the sourdough to end all others. It's smokey, it's crunchy, it's chewy, it's actually sour. My family and friends genuinely buy it to eat alone or simply with a swipe of good quality butter over the top. If you're looking to impress at your next dinner party, I'd highly suggest the trek to purchase a loaf – but beware, they can sell out quick!


6. Alphabet Cafe (West End)


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Best for: Birthday cake orders, dietary requirements, that home-baked feeling.

Open: Every day

Objectively one of West End's sweetest cafe spots is a little further along Boundary street than you might expect. But that hasn't stopped it from being a popular hang for locals, who've flocked to enjoy breakfast and lunch at one of it's close-seated tables. Yes, there's an a la carte menu on offer, but who could go past their cabinet of sweet treats that rotates on the daily? As is usual in West End, dietaries are pretty well-catered-for, with heaps of gluten-free and vegan options available. They've also started taking cakes by order, so you can treat yourself next time there's a need to celebrate.


7. Le Bon Choix (CBD)

Best for: Macarons, meringue, MilleFeuille

Open: Every day

French bakeries don't come much more authentic than Le Bon Choix, which operates at several locations across Brissy. Their flagship cafe in the city is a great spot for a before-work pick-me-up, but be mindful their menu is not as friendly for those with gluten or diary allergies. Traditional French classics – petit fours, macarons, croissants, meringue and Mille Feuille are all on the menu here – and a few savoury sides as well.


8. Christian Jacques (Kangaroo Point)

Best for: Bragging rights, profiteroles, buying one extra to have later.

Open: Wednesday–Sunday

When Christian Jacques opened its doors in Kangaroo Point it felt like you couldn't escape the whispers of its excellence. An old housemate of mine told me she lined up for nearly 45 minutes to get herself a croissant on a morning walk, but argued the pastries there were the best she'd had this side of the Equator. A quick scroll through their Instagram will confirm that their menu is top-tier, with pastries glossier than a glazed donut.


9. Nodo (Multiple)


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Best for: Coeliacs, vegans, friends of coeliacs and vegans.

Open: Every day

Speaking of donuts, there isn't one better than at Nodo. Better yet? They're entirely gluten-free, and stock plenty of vegan options too. You can visit their flagship cafe in Newstead for a full sit-down lunch, but even their shopping mall kiosks are hard to walk past without at least a longing glance. Perfectly cakey and light, their donuts come in a suite of flavours that range from old faithfuls (like the Apple & Native Cinnamon Sugar) to the delightful and limited edition (Campfire S'Mores, Vegan Coconut Caramel and Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake).


10. Lune Croissants (Multiple)


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Best for: Space-age croissants, kouign amann, bougie bakeries

Open: Every day

Founded by former aerospace engineer Kate Reid, Lune elevates the humble croissant to an art form with its precise, multi-day lamination process. They have two locations in Brisbane currently – one larger shop in South Brisbane, and a hole-in-the-wall shop in the city's Burnett Lane, but both offer all the goods: classic croissants, pain au chocolat, savoury ham and gruyère croissants, and inventive monthly specials that showcase seasonal ingredients and creative flair. Yes, it's damn expensive (you're looking at $8-15 a pop), but sometimes indulgences are necessary, right?


11. Brooki Bakehouse (Fortitude Valley)


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Best for: TikTok fanatics, generous portion sizes, heart-shaped cakes

Open: Tuesday–Saturday

If you've been on the internet over the last year, you've probably heard of Brooki's. She's the one-woman-show behind her eponymous bakehouse, now nestled into the Valley's historic Stewart & Hemmant building. While you're likely to be stuck in a queue of eager TikTok followers, the wait is well worth a bite of her offering of fresh-baked, generously proportioned cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cookie-batter-slathered croissants. If you're looking for a birthday treat, they also take orders for their egregiously popular heart-shaped cakes, which you can customise colour-wise and with hand-picked messages.


12. Superthing (West End)

Best for: Millennial pink, vinyl booths, cruffins.

Open: Every day

Superthing in West End is a vibrant bakery renowned for its whimsical, colourful pastries and inventive flavour combinations – from match and white chocolate pastries to strawberries and cream croissants. It's a pretty trendy spot that popped up about a year back, but offers a playful menu featuring delights such as cronuts, brioche doughnuts, and seasonal specials that push the boundaries of traditional baking.


13. Flour & Chocolate (Multiple)


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Best for: Wedding cakes, traditionalists, daily specials

Open: Depends on location

Four & Chocolate is a bakery most Brissy residents would have heard of by now – you know someone who's brought a basket of their bagels to a brunch, or spotted a co-worker chowing down on one of their 'Gonuts'. They have expanded into multiple locations across the city, which is convenient for a last-minute pick up or treat, or to grab one of their delicious cold sandwiches (or even a scoop of gelato!).


14. Jocelyn's Provisions (Multiple)

Best for: Dinner and dessert, savoury croissants, jazzed-up lamingtons.

Open: Depends on location

Jocelyn's is a gorgeous bakery with three location across the Fortitude Valley, Camp Hill and the city. Founded by Jocelyn Hancock, the beloved artisanal bakery and gourmet food store, has become famed for its handcrafted cakes, pastries, and savoury delights. Established with a focus on quality and tradition, their charming shops offers a wide array of treats, from rich chocolate cakes to flaky quiches, all made with premium ingredients. With its warm, inviting atmosphere and impeccable attention to detail, Jocelyn's Provisions has become a go-to destination for food lovers and those seeking a touch of indulgence.


15. BUTTER (Gaythorne)


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Best for: Crumpets, espresso butter, alfresco dining.

Open: Every day

Small, bright, and cosy, Butter is a favourite café among locals, despite its limited 30-seat space. Co-owners Daniel Bowels (of Sister in Hawthorne) and Chih-Wei “Tiger” Hsu offer a straightforward menu featuring carb-based dishes like banana bread with espresso butter, crumpets with cinnamon butter, and a sausage-and-egg muffin with a pork-and-fennel patty. The café also boasts four cheesy toasties, each with unique ingredients, and serves Single O’s Killerbee as the house coffee blend, rotating single origins for batch brew, all enjoyed in a charming outdoor courtyard with vibrant yellow umbrellas and a pet-friendly atmosphere.


16. Cerin Pasticceria (Woolloongabba)

Best for: Bombolini, Italian accents, dipping your croissant in coffee.

Open: Tuesday–Sunday

Probably one of Brisbane's most authentic Italian patisseries, Cerin is so low-profile, they don't even have a website. You'll need to be quick with your visit, as they close upon selling out each day, but if you do manage to catch them, they're slinging a delightful selection of coffee, cakes, pastries and savouries to suit most taste buds. Of course, their famous Bombolini is a must-try, but don't overlook their crostatas or Bacio, a layered dessert of hazelnut crunch base, chocolate sponge and chocolate mousse.


17. Rise Bakery (Hamilton)

Best for: Chandelier-lit dining, eclairs, French classics.

Open: Every day

Rise Bakery in Hamilton is a local favourite, beloved for its artisanal approach to baking. Their menu highlights include buttery almond croissants, tangy lemon meringue tarts, and hearty wholegrain sourdough loaves. Known for its inviting atmosphere and commitment to quality, Rise Bakery is a go-to destination for locals seeking delicious, high-quality baked goods and expertly brewed coffee.


18. Misspelt (Paddington)


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Best for: Ancient grains, salmon danishes, blue cheese baguettes.

Open: Weekends

Paddington's Miss Spelt is a charming spot dedicated to crafting wholesome, organic baked goods with a focus on ancient grains and traditional recipes. Their menu features a variety of sourdough loaves made with ancient grains, croissants, galettes, brownies, tarts and muffins – which is no surprise given its run by the team behind New Farm's favourite French bakery, Chouquette.


19. Danny's Bread (Teneriffe)


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Best for: Iggy's in Brisbane, brioche, rye bread.

Open: Tuesday–Sunday

After having worked as senior baker at Iggy's in Sydney, Daniel Mikus moved to Brisbane to start Danny's Bread in Teneriffe. It's quickly become a beloved bakery, known for its artisanal bread and pastries made with traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients. Their offerings include a variety of sourdough loaves, buttery croissants, brownies, brioche buns, house-made granola and rye beer bread made in conjunction with local brewery, Green Beacon Brewing. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee and a freshly baked treat.


20. I Heart Brownies (Multiple stockists)

Best for: Valentines, chocolate lovers, dietaries.

Open: Tuesday–Sunday

Although they don't have a physical space anymore, I Heart Brownies in Brisbane is a haven for brownie lovers who just want the decadent, fudgey classics. They stock at plenty of cafes around town, so you're probably never too far from your next fix, and they also make their signature brownies in GF and vegan iterations, so your friends with dietary requirements won't feel left out.


21. Kürtősh (West End)


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Best for: Hungarian and Turkish pastries, slab cakes, chimney cakes.

Open: Every day

For your fix of Turkish baked treats, visit Kürtősh, a patisserie established in Sydney in 2012 that offers home-style sweets and desserts, specialising in slab cakes (portioned out by weight), chimney cakes, pastries, and specialty coffee. Inspired by the Hungarian chimney cake, kürtőskalács, their signature item, Kürtősh serves a variety of treats including sticky apple and walnut slab cakes, hazelnut truffle slabs, and heart-shaped palmiers, along with a selection of specialty coffee and tea from TeaCraft.


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