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South of the border – here are 5 of the best beaches in Melbourne for your next sweltering day

best melbourne beaches

We love Melbourne beaches here but they don't always get the best rap. All you hear from the fine folk down there is how much Sydney-siders harp on about their amazing hidden bayside locales. While food and fine culture may be their bread and butter, there is still plenty good to say about their beaches too.

In fact, Melbourne's harbouring seas are a fabulous place to enjoy the outdoors, whether it's swimming, sunning, or just relaxing on the sand. The forty degree plus days here are much more enjoyable when you know where to find them and fast. Below are our picks of some of the best beaches in Melbourne.


1. St Kilda Beach

Like Sydney's Bondi, many hail this as the local and tourist favourite of the city. It's by no means the most beach-y of all on the list but it has some truly great attributes worth checking out. While the ocean here is mostly wave-free, it's perfectly set up for an array of any and all water based activities, whether it's paddle boarding, wind surfing, or casual body boarding, you'll find this a nice place to break away for a quiet summer morning dip.


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2. Brighton Beach

It wouldn't be a Melbourne's finest without this one on the list. The wonderful array of iconic rainbow bathing boxes aside. The foreshore of Brighton Beach is so often the chosen place to be for local swimmers and surfers. When the weather permits, this can actually be a half decent place to catch some good waves but you'll have to get in quick because the beach can get pretty packed on any given day; with sunbakers getting their pick in early.


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3. Half Moon Bay

So much beauty to be had at this sneaky little hideaway. Half Moon Bay is a luscious little piece of Melbourne History – the beach is home to the Black Rock Yacht Club and some other adjacent local restaurants. Receiving its name from its crescent shape, this body of water is incased by some of the most stunning rock formations and cliffs. As the locals know, it's popular for boating, but is equally a great spot to go for a quick dip in the calm waters.


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4. Williamstown Beach

Like something from a nautical post card, Williamstown Beach is a moderately small albeit beautiful spot. A quick 500m stroll from the train station you will find the most amazing views. Consider making a day of it by packing a lunch and sitting out on the pier with friends. "Willy Beach" is also a great place to spend NYE with a firework display being put on every year.


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5. Sorrento Back Beach

A little bit more out of a way, but by all means one worth considering. Sorrento Back Beach is a divine little summer escape. Engulfed by the waters of Port Phillip Bay on one side and Bass Straight on the other, it's the perfect little getaway with friends. It tends to get pretty busy in the summer months so you'll have to plan accordingly. Adrenaline junkies will love the rock pools, but for something more serene enjoy the romantic sunsets for the perfect Insta moment.


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