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Patron saints of Glastonbury Festival: The best style over the years

Patron saints of Glastonbury Festival, we look back at the best style moments of Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller and more

It's that time again – the biennial music extravaganza that is Glastonbury Festival. The OG music festival for celebrity spotting, and cult-like recreation of fashions on the field, Glasto has a special place in the hearts and wardrobes of anyone old enough to remember its fashionable patron saints: the inimitable Kate Moss (although we all tried), the rockstar girlfriend Alexa Chung, music movers and shakers like Lily Allen and Florence Welch, and of course who could forget the British IT girls Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne?

Here we round up some of our favourite Glastonbury style moments from the women who made festival fashion what it is today, paving the way for the flower crowns and bejewelled faces of Coachella, showing us how to put together an effortlessly chic look while streaked in mud.


Kate Moss

When you think of Glastonbury fashion, there's no argument to be had over who is the first to come to mind. British supermodel Kate Moss had us all in a grip-hold with her early-2000s looks, and racing to our nearest camp gear store to fight over a pair of oversized Wellington boots to pair with our micro-mini denim and low-slung belts.


Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller was ahead of her time, an IT girl whose fashion choices would look just as contemporary at Coachella 2023 as they did in the early oughts. The British-American actress and model had an affinity for floaty dresses and crochet, paired of course with the time's oversized sunnies.


Alexa Chung

If Kate Moss is our Glastonbury queen, then Alexa Chung is her next-in-line. Taking Moss's indie sleaze and turning it twee, she donned the micro-minis and gum boots, but paired them mostly with knee socks, stockings, flannels and mock necks.


Lily Allen

Our under-the-radar Glastonbury icon goes by the name of Lily Allen – from her iconic purple hair and jumpsuit on stage in 2009, she's continued to lean into bold colours over the years (whether in her choice of garment or hair dye).


Florence Welch

Bohemian muse Florence Welch is a 70s girl at heart, donning embroidered vests, tunic dresses and Penny Lane-esque coats to create looks straight outta Woodstock.


Cara Delevingne

If the baton had been passed down to anyone in recent years, it's been Cara Delevingne, a repeat attendee who doesn't compromise on comfort. Beanies, windbreakers and sweatpants all feature in her Glastonbury closet, but she won't pass up on donning a pair of Wellies every now and then too.


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