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A match made in style heaven: Alexa Chung and Indie Sleaze

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The quintessential It Girl of the 2010s, Alexa Chung's style is the ultimate in what it means to be a fashion chameleon. Across her almost 20-year career as a television presenter/model/designer/enthusiastic Jane Birkin advocate, Chung isn't afraid to experiment with her aesthetic. In fact, one of her more succinct quotes surmises this brilliantly: "Trends are cool – fuck it, buy them all."

Never shy of alternating her stylistic choices between embellished red carpet gowns to a simple leather jacket and jeans, Chung's style is an eclectic mixture of the best of fashion. It is a retrospective of contemporary silhouettes and sixties-inspired dress, frequently citing the likes of Twiggy, David Bowie and Birkin as her ultimate muses. As such, analysing her style can become a rabbit hole of juxtaposing ensembles, showcasing her versatility and affinity for experimentation. But if there is one trend tied to her innately, it is that of indie sleaze.

Whether it was with Alex Turner on her hip, clad in a pair of frayed denim shorts or charcoal overalls, Chung embodies the indie sleaze of its glory days and continues to pepper fragments of the trend in her more recent looks. With the aesthetic having cycled back into the zeitgeist there's little doubt this pioneer of the movement will further embrace pieces of indie sleaze once again. We wait, with bated breath.

Bow in the presence of greatness. Alexa is in the building.



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