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9 chickpea recipes to try if your love of legumes rages on

When cooking for one, just like Laila Gohar I tend to gravitate towards a single ingredient cooked slowly and simply. For this task, legumes always do the trick. They're nourishing, cheap, comforting and can be dressed up or down however you like. This is not groundbreaking stuff – I'm well aware. There's a reason beans on toast has long been the national dish of bachelors, uni students and anyone else short on time or money.

But in the off chance that you're scrambling to find something to cook for dinner, for lunch or any meal in between really, legumes are your reliable source for a good time. And now that we've given some spotlight to the humble bean in this round up of bean recipes, it's time to create a little space for its equally as versatile cousin: chickpeas (or garbanzo beans depending on your location).

Below we've assembled 9 chickpea recipes to have in your arsenal. From the required hummus recipe courtesy of the patron saint of legumes herself, Laila Gohar, a Chana Dal option, a tutorial on how to whip up Pasta e Ceci from someone's nonna, along with a guide to making the perfect Egyptian falafel...

From our kitchens to yours, happy cooking! And don't forget to soak your chickpeas.


1. Laila Gohar's Hummus

chickpea recipes


2. Pasta e Ceci


3. Egyptian Falafel

chickpea recipes


4. Chana Dal This is Chana Daal btw, IT IS GOOD FOR YOU 💛🌱 #indianfood #desifood #healthyfood #channadaal #daal #health #indianrecipe #vegetarian #plantbased ♬ Skate - Trees and Lucy


5. Mark Best's Chickpea Pancakes

chickpea recipes


6. Braised Chickpeas

chickpea recipes


7. Roasted Chickpeas


8. Farinata Di Ceci

chickpea recipes


9. Alison Roman's Chickpea Stew

For more inspiration in the land of legumes, take these recipes for beans. Otherwise, here are some easy dinner recipes to lend a helping hand mid-week and some vegetarian recipes that don't skimp on flavour.

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