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Barbie Ferreira will star alongside Kiersey Clemons in a hot drag king romance

Young King

When it was announced that Barbie Ferreira, who played Kat Hernandez on Euphoriathe show that has the globes youth in the kind of headlock we haven't seen since the age of Skins – wouldn't be returning for the third season of the show, we were devastated. However, it would appear we're getting our Ferreira fix sooner than we thought, with the announcement that she will be starring in a drag king romance titled Young King. Thank heavens!

Ferreira will reportedly star alongside fellow queer actor Kiersey Clemons in the film, which is set in the '90s. For Larin Sullivan's directorial debut, Young King follows the Las Vegas drag scene, where Clemons’ character, Jules, wants to be famous, and makes her debut performance in the city of sin, while chasing after Ferreira's character, a fellow dancer named Ronnie.

Young King is reportedly based on a short film of the same name that Sullivan released in 2021, which tells the story of a young drag king who is getting ready to meet her father.

CEO of Mister Smith Entertainment, David Garrett, called the movie “an incredibly emotional father-daughter story,” with Michael Shannon starring as Jules’ estranged father, Mick. Mick is a gambler and part-time clown, who disapproves of Jules' career choices and sexuality, but ultimately the two reunite.

“We are delighted to present Larin’s fresh twist on a classic Vegas story by shining a light on the drag king scene, which has rarely, if ever, been explored on the big screen.” Garrett added.

While drag kings have been around since the dawn of drag, there has still been few on-screen narratives exploring their part in the community. We look forward to more drag king representation, especially when Barbie Ferreira is on the docket!

No premiere date has been set thus far for Young King, but stay tuned for updates on the drag king love story we're bound to be obsessed with.

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