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Alert the authorities – Ken is subletting Barbie’s Dreamhouse on Airbnb

barbie dreamhouse airbnb

It looks like Ken has scaled the boundary into the Dreamhouse (probably), while Barbie is away promoting her upcoming biopic, and listed the Malibu property on Airbnb. Do we think Ken is giving up his status as a certified Scrub to become a landlord? Or is this an attempt to prove himself as more than "just Ken". Either way, he's getting his Kenergy all over the pink palace. Ew.

barbie dreamhouse airbnb

The Barbie we know would never allow Ken to park his horse in her bedroom, drape his cowhides across her bubblegum pink carpet or, and I shudder, drag his makeshift gym – dumbbells and vat of Beefy Body Brine included – onto her balcony and interrupt the view of the open ocean. Do they have police in Barbie Land? We pick Barbie as an abolitionist, so probably not. But someone please, for the love of god, call Lawyer Barbie immediately. It's an emergency.

If you're looking to rectify the situation ASAP while also living it up in the Dreamhouse (it's what Barbie would want), you'll have your chance at 3am, July 18 AEST at Airbnb. The rental will be available for two one-night stays for up to two guests on July 21 and July 22, 2023, to coincide with the release of Barbie in theatres across the globe.

As for Ken? Thankfully, he won't be there but traces of him will be, including his Impala rollerblades and surfboard which you can take home, and his Dude Rock albums and longhorns, that you likely won't want to. Otherwise, you can lap up Barbie's good taste, we're thinking specifically of her Ultrafragola mirror, wardrobe, infinity pool and disco dancefloor.

In honour of Barbie, Airbnb has arranged to make a one-time donation to Save the Children as well. Learn more about the Barbie Dreamhouse listing at the Airbnb website.

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Images: @airbnb