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Ready, player one – Balenciaga launches a video game for AW 21

Game on. Balenciaga’s Autumn Winter 21 collection has been introduced to the public in a video game designed specifically for the season. Titled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, the game and the collection imagine a near future in which clothing is meant to transform over many years.



An expansion and evolution of the Spring Summer 21 Pre-Collection, AW 21 first made its appearance off-season, presented on a VR runway visible only via headset sent out to a limited number of special guests.

In Afterworld, each player goes on a hero’s journey set in the not-so-distant future year of 2031. A store exit leads to a busy street, then further on to a dark forest in which a secret rave is happening. Beyond that is a mountain, where a secret surprise awaits at the top for when the player completes all the challenges. Throughout the game, other avatars wear Balenciaga Autumn Winter 2021 collection pieces too.



The AW 21 collection features suiting and coats made to be worn anywhere. Stonewashed, pre-stretched, pre-crinkled and even super-destroyed styles allow for extra comfort and ease of wear - relaxed and removing formality.

Balenciaga looks to the future with Afterworld, with many garments serving more than one purpose, whilst others use recycled fabrics as the alternative to animal products. A satin trench coat doubles as a party dress, jeans layered over pants and sweats are single items, along with a puffer embroidered with recycled fabric that was laser cut to mimic the movement of a fur jacket.



Many products are also remade to perform new functions, such as a blanket becoming a coat or a hooded cape, a military coverall re-constructed to form an evening gown, a transformer parka acts as a functional duffel bag and a black jacket even reverses into high-vis.

For the gamers and futuristic lovers, iconic logos interject into the collection including NASA and PlayStation 5. Footwear includes chevalier boots, 3D pumps, derby shoes and the Flip Shoe (flat flip-flop), while sunglasses take form in extreme alien-shaped proportions.

With Autumn Winter 2021, Balenciaga enters into a new tomorrow.

You can learn more about the collection and play Afterworld: Edge of Tomorrow via



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