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Avant Studio

Whether you're someone who lives in jewellery or it's saved for a special occasion, there's something undeniably personal about the pieces one chooses to wear.

That feeling of finding the perfect length necklace or a ring that catches your eye every time you look down. The sentimentality of a piece handed down through generations, or something brand new that reminds you of someone you love. Or maybe it's not someone you love, but something. A place, a time even. There is a power to jewellery that often goes unnoticed...until now.

Avant Studio want to remind you that the jewellery you wear should be a personal statement. Your own formula created to show the world who you are in that moment. Whether that means mixing and matching pieces or creating your own bespoke piece they've got you covered.


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The Avant Studio Brand

Started in January 2020 by friends Briella and Belle, the Sydney based brand is fuelled by female empowerment, environmental responsibility and social justice.

Designed with the highest quality materials so that wearers can enjoy beautiful pieces that last, their latest collection, ETÁ VERDE, welcomes the winter months. Think delicate chains with pops of emerald, everyday wearable gold hoops and pearls to reflect that beautiful winter sun. 

Avant Studio is also extremely passionate about environmental sustainable practices. Choosing to use recyclable paper and biodegradable materials means that their packaging is 100% plastic-free. By recycling old or faulty pieces they've also given them a new life, repurposing them to become a part of future collections.



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