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60+ Australian jewellery brands you should have on your radar

62 best Australian jewellery brands you need to know about

Like most of life's luxuries, selecting a jewellery brand that connects with your style and personal taste is well; personal. With an overwhelming influx of new jewellers popping up on our feeds, it can be challenging to find a label that resonates. When the choices seem endless, why not support local and find your match in one of the many Australian jewellery brands on the market?

A curated list of veteran designers and welcomed fresh faces, here are 62 Australian jewellery brands you need to have on your radar.


1.Sarah & Sebastian


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Located: Online and selected stores across Australia.

Best known for: Timeless, fine and delicate jewellery with a focus on craftsmanship, longevity and sentiment. The brand first sprung to popularity with its covetable Alphabet collection, but has since established itself as a go-to for unique and desirable pieces across all categories. Sarah & Sebastian has also recently become known for its engagement ring offering, which are offered in both bespoke and pre-designed capacities.

Brand history: Sarah Munro and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki are the founders of Sarah & Sebastian, who met overseas while studying design. In 2012, they established their namesake brand; with Munro, as creative director,  and Grynkofki in the position of managing director.


2. Gypseye


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Eccentric creations inspired by the Greek islands and the Middle East. The superstitious power of the evil eye plays a key role in the design process of the semi-fine jewellery; reinterpreted into woven colourful bracelets, statement earrings and majestic necklaces and rings.

Brand history: Gypseye was founded by Sydney-based Tiffany Stoliar in 2018. The brand has a deep connection to the protection symbol that is the evil eye, and creates pieces that are idyllic for summer holidays or to be worn all-year round.


3. Arms of Eve


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Nothing is off-limits at Arms of Eve. Crystals, pearls, shells, gold, silver and all. Statement to minimalism with the ability to layer with texture and colour. The brand has also recently expanded into men's jewellery.

Brand history: Founder Kerryn Langer created Arms of Eve through connecting her passion for travel, love of food, obsessive thirst to collect and curate beautiful objects and her desire to interact with and learn from others.


4. Lucy Folk


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Instantly recognisable, Lucy Folk's covetable creations are a lesson in high-quality craftsmanship, eye-catching designs and otherworldly accessories. Her crochet earrings, signature metalwork and handmade jewels exude a subtle sense of luxury and timeless wearability.

Brand history: A goldsmith by trade, founder and creative director Lucy Folk's creations have become synonymous with Australian jewellery brands.


5. F+H Jewellery


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Heavy on the crystal touches, chain-links and tough-luxe aesthetic, F+H Jewellery blend the worlds of masculine and feminine design to create statement-worthy pieces that are not for the faint-hearted.

Brand history: This Byron Bay-based brand created by Sharona Harris became a favourite of Margot Robbie, Lara Worthington and Sophie Turner. Before long, F+H could be found all over our feeds, championing quality craftsmanship, natural gemstones and freshwater pearls.


6. Amber Sceats


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Merging art, travel and architecture, Amber Sceats create pieces that double as wearable works of art. With a predominant focus on gold jewellery, the pieces incorporate contrasting textures, resin and pearls. From covetable necklaces to lust-worthy hair clips.

Brand history: The namesake label was founded in 2012 and has since risen to domestic and international jewellery fame through its selection of contemporary and timeless designs.


7. Babyanything

Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Babyanything is best known for its handmade, unique jewellery pieces that are all created using precious metal and stones. From Zodiac medallions, to chunky alphabet rings and the unforgettable and covetable 'BABE' necklace, each piece is designed to last a lifetime.

Brand history: With a Fine Arts Degree in Jewellery and Object Design and years of experience under her belt, Lucie Ferguson set up her Paddington flagship store with a mission to redefine how we think about jewellery. Even so many years on, Ferguson continues to design and create all her pieces by hand.


8. By Charlotte


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: This cult-jewellery brand combines the spiritual with bohemian-inspired designs that highlight semiprecious stones and sentimental symbolism. With lust-worthy pieces for both gold and silver-jewellery lovers alike, By Charlotte's pieces are ideal for layering or worn alone for the minimalist among us.

Brand history: Founded in 2012 by Australian designer, Charlotte Blakeney, By Charlotte has since become a cult-favourite jewellery brand known for their meaningful and spirited jewels, designed with love and intention.


9. Kirstin Ash


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Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: Kirstin Ash has always intimately understood how to design jewellery for the modern woman. The brand's intuitive designs focus on organic shapes and subtle textures, resulting in a curated collection of effortless essentials and statement pieces that are impossible not to fall in love with. Think classic gold bands perfect for stacking, pearl details and unique pieces that stand the test of time.

Brand history: Founded by siblings Kirstin and Nick Ash over ten years ago, each of Kirstin Ash's collections encompasses a story, infused with detail; embodying a paired back aesthetic that is both effortless and conceptual.


10. HLSK


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Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: HLSK is known for creating premium treasures that are one-of-a-kind. If you're after artfully-designed pieces that are slightly left of centre, delicate and champion ethically-sourced material, HLSK is your starting point.

Brand history: HLSK's founder and creative director Hannah Stewart was just 18 when she started making jewellery. She started the Australian jewellery label in 2013 from her parent's garage, and has continued her commitment to ethical, premium and unique creations since.


11. Reliquia


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Inspired by vintage accessories – the type you might casually borrow from your grandmother – Reliquia's jewellery pieces are an appreciation for bold and sculptural design, while remaining intrinsically timeless. Each piece is made using high-quality metals using 18-carat gold and white gold.

Brand history: Reliquia was founded in 2015, and was named after the Spanish word for heirloom. Since then, the brand has expanded into other types of accessories and apparel.


12. VacancyMode


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Joyful, beaded and handcrafted pieces that are sure to shake up any mundane jewellery stack. A mix of colourful beading, pearls and gold hardware – perfect for the sun chasing all year round.

Brand history: Inspired by founder Bella Cipolla's coastal upbringing and love for summer, VacancyMode strives to recreate that joyous feeling through its pieces. All jewellery is handcrafted in Sydney.


13. Natasha Schweitzer

Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Best known for its incredible quality and refined beauty, Natasha Schweitzer continues to redefine ultimate glamour for the modern woman while staying true to craftsmanship. The brand specialises in creating pieces for both everyday wear and bespoke jewellery for special occassions.

Brand history: The brand was first founded in 1972 by then 16-year-old Marion Schweitzer, who challenged the male-dominated industry to learn the art of goldsmithing and gemology. After many successful years at the helm, in 2016, her daughters Natasha and Alexandra took over; continuing the legacy of creating Australian-made, incredible pieces that will last the test of time.


14. Natalie Marie Jewellery

Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Natalie Marie Jewellery combines minimal styling with traditional detailing and embellishments to create pieces that are rooted in connection, sentiment and originality. The label also champions sustainability – with all its products created on a made-to-order basis.

Brand history: A goldsmith with a background in fashion and fine arts, Natalie Marie founded her namesake label with the intention of creating “wearable treasures that act as tangible expressions of love or sentiment.” She now runs her brand with her husband and team of designers and jewellers in Sydney's Northern Beaches.


15. YCL Jewels


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Located: Online and in-store.

Best known for: Feminine, wearable, everyday pieces that are far from ordinary. The brand's astrology pendants have taken Instagram by storm; created in both 14-carat gold and silver. YCL Jewels also offers the opportunity to customise your necklace with its 'mix-and-match' service – so you can create a piece that is uniquely yours.

Brand history: After switching careers in 2013, Gold Coast-based founder Fabienne set out to create pieces that are inspired by art in everyday moments. Fabienne is a self-taught jeweller with now over 15 years of experience.


16. Christie Nicolaides

Located: Online and through selected stores and stockist.

Best known for: A veteran in the Australian jewellery brands field, Christie Nicolaides quickly garnered a cult-following for her unique, baroque-inspired jewellery designs. The brand's pieces have a strong connection to Nicolaides' Greek heritage, as well as her admiration for antique and vintage pieces. From statement earrings to belts and even crowns and headwear.

Brand history: Christie Nicolaides founded her namesake brand as a way to bring together her passion for art, fashion with her own exotic personal aesthetic to create pieces that speak to the maximalist's among us. Each piece is designed in Australia and handcrafted to Nicolaides’ artistic direction by skilled artisans throughout Asia and Europe.


17. Twelve AM


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Twelve AM is best known for its unique and handmade pieces. Many of the pieces are made through a process of drying and then hand casting Australian floral. It's this that gives each piece its delicate individuality.

Brand history: Twelve AM was founded in Sydney with a conscious and considered process. All pieces are made to order to eliminate any waste and they're designed to last - timeless, seasonless pieces that will be passed down through a family. Twelve AM uses only recycled sterling silver and gold. As for gem stones, they're local, all from the Argyle min in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


18. Kate & Kole


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Located: Online and in-store.

Best known for: A boutique jewellery studio known for timeless fine jewellery centred around quality metals, diamonds and stones. Kate & Kole unique made-to-order pieces, alongside a series of much-loved staples; blending modern technology and traditional practices.

Brand history: The Newcastle-based brand was founded by friends Sara and Maddy in 2015, out of a desire to create pieces that they both loved. Kate & Kole has since expanded to create pieces that range from custom-created engagement rings to everyday luxuries.


19. Avant Studio

Located: Online only.

Best known for: An online platform where you can shop the best of Australia's most covetable jewellery designers and their standout pieces all in one place. Avant Studio has also released its own in-house collection, which features a selection of pieces that help elevate the everyday.

Brand history: Avant Studio was founded by Sydney-siders and best friends Belle Maartensz and Briella Brown in January 2020. Both with a background in fashion and entrepreneurship, they created an online destination for a curated collection of jewellery and accessory designers.


20. Athena + Co

Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: One of the first brands to recognise the rise of hand-beaded pieces, Athena+Co creates one-of-a-kind items that draw inspiration from fashion, music and colour. A dream to layer together or with chunkier statement pieces.

Brand history: Athena+Co is a Sydney-based brand sourcing high-quality materials from across the world to create unique and desirable pieces.


21. Bella Clark


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Bella Clark is best known for its heirloom-worthy pieces that inspire a deeper connection for the wearer and champion the value of intergenerational storytelling. The label incorporates a variety of materials from gold, silver, diamonds and other list-worthy gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Brand history: Melbourne-based designer Bella Clark started her eponymous jewellery practice in late 2016. Many of the pieces Bella creates draw inspiration from the women in her life; namely, her grandmother, who has taught Bella the importance of slowing things down and taking in the beauty and bounty of the natural environment.


22. Petite Grand


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Contemporary, fine and delicate pieces that intertwine the every day with the monumental. Each piece is created with surreal attention to detail, reflecting the refined nature of Petite Grand's pieces.

Brand history: Tanja Kovacevic founded Petite Grand in 2010, after spending 15 years in the fashion industry. Drawing inspiration for each collection from anything in her surrounds, with a particular love of art and film; Tanja injects a joyful spirit and strong sense of wearability into her design process. Every piece of Petite Grand jewellery handmade to order by Tanja and her team in their Surry Hills studio.


23. Temple of the Sun

Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Temple of the Sun combines ancient European symbology with contemporary design to create pieces that are desirable, timeless and unique. The designs are brought to life using sustainably sourced sterling silver and 2.5 micron 18k gold plating.

Brand history: In 2014, creative couple Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant launched Byron Bay-based Temple of the Sun based on their mutual love for adventure and beautiful things. Yonna was raised in Istanbul and the exotic city's rich cultural influences weave through her designs, blending effortlessly with more contemporary motifs inspired by art, nature and handcraft.


24. Rylan


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Australian jewellery brand Rylan is defined by recreating memories of the past to be worn by the women of today. The unique pieces are 18k gold plated on solid brass and have been designed with vintage and art deco elements in mind.

Brand history: Created by Brooke Testoni, Rylan is rooted in three distinct pillars – memories, craftsmanship and creating for the modern woman.


25. Hamish Munro


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Located: Online and in-store.

Best known for: If you like the finer things in life, Hamish Munro's extraordinary pieces are for you. Working with 9 and 18-carat golds, and sterling silver, Munro embeds his designs with diamonds, Australian sapphires, emeralds, garnets and rubies to create pieces that are far from ordinary.

Brand history: With a background in sculpture, Melbourne-based Hamish Munro has an eye for creating pieces that are sure to make others stop and stare. He also offers a bespoke jewellery service exclusively through his Collingwood studio space.


26. Albus Lumen


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Adored by fashion aficionados Australia wide, Albus Lumen has become synonymous with minimal, structural pieces that are intertwined with textural linens and cottons. The brands gold-hardware pieces are also not to be missed, paired with unique pearls for a polished yet contemporary design.

Brand history: Albus Lumen is rooted in the notion of taking a step back. This ethos shines through in the brand's designs, which champion confidence in simplicity. Simple shapes and classic modernity create subtle yet striking contrasts.


27. Valére Jewellery


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Luxurious jewellery using the finest materials, precious gems and high-quality finishes. Valére's experienced artisans handmake each piece from a base metal of sterling silver or brass, using the highest quality 24k gold micron plating methods and a matte finish to complete the piece.

Brand history: Inspired by femininity, beauty, travel, art, history and nature, Valére Designer, Samantha Lowe designs unique luxurious jewellery for women who want to bring lasting romance to life. The meaning behind the label's name is "to be of worth"; an ethos that underpins each of Valére's designs.


28. Laura Miers Jewellery


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Where colour is concerned, Laura Miers is the jewellery brand to shop. Each piece is created with intention, embedding garnet, peridot, tourmaline, citrine and sapphire into her designs for a technicolour touch. The brand also specialises in repurposing and customising pieces that speak to you.

Brand history: The daughter of craftsman Peter Miers, Laura Miers is inspired by connecting her history and the future to create jewellery in the form of material storytelling. Symbolising love and death, protection and power, identity and culture; each of her pieces have their own unique story to tell.


29. Ryan Storer


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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Known originally for its iconic ear cuffs, Ryan Storer has become synonymous with creating pieces that are both bold and structural, yet equally feminine. Each of his designs, whether in cuffs, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, are all created with impeccable attention to detail and all with their own sense of individuality.

Brand history: Ryan Storer founded his eponymous label in 2012 after 13 years in the jewellery industry. The Sydney-based designer is inspired by everything from nature to metal scraps and his pieces are characterised by their mix of sculptural shapes and clean lines.


30. Enesea


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Gold hardware, shells, beads and semi-precious stones are key pillars of Enesea – the hand-crafted jewellery brand inspired by the natural surroundings of Sydney's Tamarama beach. The label is known for subverting the classics and reinvigorating these styles into contemporary designs.

Brand history: After hand-crafting pieces for her own personal wear, word of mouth and custom requests, Sydney-based Nikki Ehrlich founded Enesea in 2019.


31. Linden Cook


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Located: Online and in store by appointment.

Best known for: Since 2013, Linden Cook has consistently created conscious collections of timeless pieces that can be worn and loved forever, catering to lovers of both fine and bold jewellery. The label’s covetable collection includes pendants, rings and bracelets which are personalised with a loved one’s fingerprint making them completely authentic and original to the individual.

Brand history: Born out of the desire to create refined, high quality custom jewellery, the dynamic mother daughter duo, Linden Cook and Georgie Amad, combined their drive and talents to create their Melbourne-based jewellery brand.




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Located: Online and through selected stores and stockists.

Best known for: Western Australian jewellery brand BIANKO is committed to providing women with a daily dose of luxury in an ethical way; without asking her to choose between high quality and accessible prices. A mixture of gold, silver and rose gold pieces across all categories. The brand's birth flower prints have being a noticeable part of its collection – available in pendents and in artwork prints.

Brand history: Founded by Belinda Madonini in 2016, BIANKO was born out of a desire to make luxurious jewellery pieces fun, affordable, and most importantly, eco-friend. BIANKO also fosters a community of women through their love of jewellery, through its BIANKO Lifestyle Hub; sharing the latest news in all things life, travel, beauty and culture.


33. Jackie Mack

Located: Online only.

Best known for: Jewellery brand Jackie Mack has always been inspired by the opportunity to create pieces for contemporary women that enjoy the playful journey of jewellery styling. The brand is also continuing to develop its commitment to sustainability; using recycled silver and gold where possible, using certified conflict-free gold, and fostering relationships with suppliers who share similar values. Known for its dainty, easy to wear pieces; Jackie Mack is the perfect addition if you're looking to grow your everyday jewellery collection.

Brand history: Founded by creative director Jackie Damelion, many of the pieces in the Jackie Mack collection are inspired by her heritage and for immersing herself in different cultures after living in four different continents.



Located: Online and in store by appointment.

Best known for: WILLIAM ÉDOUARD is known for its collection of handmade, considered pieces that double as individual works of art. Whether you prefer more rigid creations, or dainty effortless designs, there is a piece that will capture your heart.

Brand history: Founded by Creative Director, William Drury, Australian jewellery label WILLIAM ÉDOUARD aspires to use fine, handmade jewellery to enhance your inherent sense of personal style. The brand also shows its commitment to sustainability by ensuring that every gemstone used in their creations is ethically sourced and conflict free and all WILLIAM ÉDOUARD packaging is made from 100% recyclable and reusable materials.


35. Maison Tjoeng


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Located: Online (including Moda Operandi, Olivela and Just One Eye) and in store at Just One Eye.

Best known for: Maison Tjoeng is an artisanal fine jewellery brand inspired by nature, poetry, art and traditional cultures. The creations are brought to life through fusing an unusual mix of precious stones and metals of the highest quality to create contemporary classic statement pieces. The brand offers an incredible selection of ready-to-wear pieces on its site, but also offers a bespoke commissioning service for those special forever pieces.

Brand history: Founder Yasmin Tjoeng has always admired the intricacies of unique craftsmanship and it is from this ethos that she founded Maison Tjoeng. All her designs are either handcrafted or hand-finished and feature a combination of silver or gold with precious and semi-precious gems.


36. Veluna


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Veluna Gems is a conscious contemporary jewellery brand, bringing gemstones from all around the world into its collections at an affordable price. The brand offers a range of different pieces across all jewellery categories – from more subtle bracelets, to gemstone necklaces and everything in between.

Brand history: Veluna Gems is the baby of fashion designer Sofia Ruggeri. The label fuses the raw energy of precious metals and gemstones with contemporary design for lovers of modern day magic. Being an energetic healer, Ruggeri designs each collection intuitively and infuses each piece with her own healing energy.


37. ToniMay


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Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: Toni May is best known for its wanderlust spirit, offering soulful designs that incorporate semi precious and precious stones set in luxe metals. Every piece is handmade by a team of talented silver and gold smiths; using gemstones that are sourced from all across the world. The brand's core range pieces are made with Sterling Silver 925, hypoallergenic German Brass or 18K gold plated with a sterling silver base; and the finery range uses 9K, 14K or 18K White, Rose and Yellow Gold.

Brand history: Toni May was founded by accessories designer Laura Byrne. Inspired by her lust for travel, she reflects on her experiences and memories to create a unique range of modern bohemian accessories. The result is a mix of unique, sophisticated, colourful and eye-catching pieces.


38. Valet Studio


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: Valet Studio specialises in a range of different accessories – from hair to home and of course jewellery. The main jewellery pieces they offer are earrings, rings and bracelets, made from colourful, vibrant resins. Definitely not for the faint hearted, Valet Studio will make a splash in your existing collection.

Brand history: If the name Valet Studio sounds familiar, it's probably because the brand is the younger sister of jewellery brand Reliquia. With that in mind, it's easy to see the same on-trend, playful style codes that exist in both brands. Valet Studio is for market stalls and long lunches, while Reliquia swoops in to finish the day. A perfect match.


39. Mountain and Moon


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Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: Mountain and Moon prides itself on designing pieces that are strong, sexy, and forward, made for every woman who loves to make a statement. The brand certainly has a touch of glamour about it – a little OTT with just the right touch of sophisticated edge. An open love letter to girls who just want to have fun.

Brand history: Mountain and Moon was founded by duo Audrey and Ashton, who both share an unapologetic "more is more" ethos when it comes to design. Aside from the brands statement-making pieces, with every sale made, Mountain and Moon reinvest into the livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment to women in the rural village of Bhikamkor in Rajasthan, India.


40. Francesca


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Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: With Australian jewellery brand Francesca, every piece of jewellery has been accounted for. But where the brand really thrives is in the art of layering. The collection is designed with potential to layer your favourite pieces in mind; with necklaces featuring an adjustable ball mechanism that allows the chain to be adjusted to any length. Francesca also has a selection of nickel-free earrings that are suitable for even the most sensitive ears.

Brand history: The Tasmanian-born brand's success story begins at the states famous Salamanca Markets, where sisters Hannah and Rachel Vasicek started growing their much-loved Australian brand when Hannah was just 16 years old. Before long, Francesca, won Hannah the young entrepreneur award for Australia – the motivation she needed to turn her side hustle into her career. Now, the Australian brand has grown from a weekly market stall to having proudly opened their dream flagship store in Hobart CBD and Melbourne Central.


41. Luna Rae

Located: Online only.

Best known for: At the heart of Luna Rae lies a passion for timeless beauty and a minimalist style. Crafted in solid gold and set with diamonds, Luna Rae combines luxury with modern design in every signature piece.

Brand history: Luna Rae was first launched in 2019 in Sydney's Northern Beaches. The brand prides itself on using ethically sourced diamonds to create collections across all realms of jewellery that are inspired by the masterpiece that is the night sky.



Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: Modern, timeless and enduring pieces that are designed to be loved and worn. Most of SAINT VALENTINE's jewellery features a sterling silver base with 3 microns 18K gold plating – known as gold vermeil – which is much thicker than most gold plating (often 0.5 microns), meaning your gold pieces will stand the test of time.

Brand history: SAINT VALENTINE is a Sydney-based jewellery brand established in 2016; driven by a desire to create high-quality, must-have, timeless pieces at an affordable price point. With a focus on limited-edition releases, the brand champions sustainability and ethical brand pillars, implementing a recycling program that allows you to return pre-loved styles in exchange for 50% store credit to use on your next order.


43. Claude & Me

Located: Online and in store.

Best known for: Aside from Claude & Me's one of a kind selection of exquisite jewellery, the jeweller has always been known for its personal touches. Whether through its relationship with customers over the years, or the creation of bespoke pieces for every style and budget. From high jewellery pieces to everyday items you'll never want to take off.

Brand history: Claude & Me Jewellery is a second generation family-run business founded and based in Brisbane. Now 25 years in the making, the brand stands out for its unique offering of fine jewellery for every budget; featuring a vast collection of rings, earrings, necklaces & bracelets hand-picked by Claude himself. Claude & Me has also established a commitment to sustainable and ethical jewellery production, using responsibly sourced materials and benefiting local communities by hiring artisans to help manufacture their products.


44. Henson & Gold


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Located: Online and at Rainbow Studios.

Best known for: Bespoke engagement pieces and quality gold jewellery with a wabi-sabi feel. Each piece in the Henson & Gold ready to wear collection has a unique feel and speaks to many different wearers, while the brand bespoke engagement offering is both expansive in possibilities, and intimate in the process.

Brand history: Henson & Gold is the sister brand to Henson, a menswear silver jewellery offering between brothers that operates between Sydney and Melbourne. They currently have a workshop in Sydney and all materials are locally sourced and handmade.


45.  Jordan Askill

Located:  Online.

Best known for: Refined, elegant jewellery pieces that have a strong connection to nature and the natural world. Working predominantly with gold, Jordan Askill is one of the most promising young multi-platform design talents, which is showcased through his jewellery as his current medium of choice.

Brand history: Askill is the 2015 British Fashion Award Winner for Emerging Accessory Design, and the first jewellery designer to win a British Fashion Award in over 5 years. In 2016 Jordan was inducted as a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and in 2017 was a finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. In 2000 he travelled to London where he was an intern with the late Alexander McQueen. Upon his return to Sydney, Jordan became lead designer for Australian cult denim brand Ksubi. In 2004, Askill was invited to join the design team at Dior Homme in Paris. Following four years at Dior Homme, Jordan moved to London to develop his namesake jewelry brand.


46. Seb Brown


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Located: In store and online.

Best known for: Signet rings with gemstone embellishments. Seb Brown's most famous work was an ongoing collection of signet rings embellished with tiny, colourful gemstones. Now, as his practice has evolved, Brown offers brushed gold and silver fine jewellery featuring some of the most lust-worthy rings we've come across.

Brand history: Brown's ever-evolving collection of unisex jewellery was established in 2009. Made to be worn everyday and drawn from antique shapes, Brown's creation are handcrafted and made to order from his Melbourne studio from recycled gold and silver. The brad also uses conflict-free diamonds with a minimal-waste approach.


47. Love Well Sourced


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Located: Online.

Best known for: One of a kind antique jewellery that has been sourced for one-off sales.

Brand history: Born from a love of precious, unique jewellery and the personal connection we have with it, Love Well honours the past but reimagines it within a contemporary context. Informed by history yet with a distinctly modern sensibility, Love Well scours the globe to find timeless antique pieces. From Georgian and Victorian eras, to Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco movements, each piece has been tirelessly sourced and curated for our current-day clients.


48. Loki Patera


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Located: Online and at select stockists.

Best known for: Unique and eclectic talismans of recycled sterling silver and found objects.

Brand history: Loki Patera is entirely made on-shore in Australia, directed by a strong moral compass that champions local economy and carbon footprint reduction. Born in 2018 by Hugo Vos and Harry Pickering, each piece is thoughtfully handmade using recycled and found materials.


49. MGN by Megan


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Located: Online and at select stockists.

Best known for: Otherworldly mad-to-order and custom pieces that play with Y2K sensibilities.

Brand history: Founded in 2018 by eponymous designer Megan, the unisex jewellery brand is proudly made from 100% recycled metals and ethically sourced gems, taking inspiration from antique silhouettes and fanciful designs.


50. Phoebe Cutler

Located: Online and at select stockists.

Best known for: Intricate, Baroque-inspired pendants on silk chokers.

Brand history:  Crafted in her Chippendale studio, Sydney based jeweller Phoebe Cutler focuses on sculpted wearable objects, reminiscent of a bygone era. Romantic motifs of angels, acorns, floral emblems and wrought-iron gates adorn her pieces, each telling a fairy tale of its own.


51. Sarah Gardner

Located: Online and in-store at its Paddington boutique.

Best known for: Unpolished, stackable rings encrusted with unique opals, of all colours and sizes.

Brand history: A homegrown Australian brand, Sarah Gardner Jewellery is all about meticulously made pieces inspired by a love of Australian gems and opals. Founded in 2011, each new collection is inspired by hidden treasures and the past itself. Each piece raw and unrefined, made to be passed down and become part of the wearers story.


52. Millie Savage


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Located: Online and in-store at its Fitzroy studio.

Best known for: A maximalists dream, Millie Savage is famous for her rings that celebrate organic outsized shapes and imperfections. They're studded with opals and other gems and can be found in both silver and gold. The jeweller offers a customisable service. However, most people gravitate towards the Ruby Heart Ring.

Brand history: Founded in 2013, Millie Savage picked up steam at the same time influencers did, winning an audience as we all grew up with social media. Her pieces are popular among names like Mimi Elashiry, Caroline Iaffaldano and Rowi Singh. Each piece is handmade in Melbourne.


53. Underground Sundae

Located: Online.

Best known for: You know when you see young people with layered earrings and necklaces stacked with charms? Chances are it's an Underground Sundae piece. The Melbourne-based brand is bringing back those spongy Y2K hot pink and yellow furnishings, along with safety pins as earrings, thick silver chains, butterflies, bows, angels wings – think of a motif, and chances are they have it.

Brand history: All pieces are made in Melbourne and generally crafted from sterling silver. Pieces are one of a kind and reflect that in the joyfully inconsistent end product.


54. NAC


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Located: Online.

Best known for: Weighty signet rings handmade with integrity.

Brand history: Nick Austin, the creator behind N.A.C, has gone by many names over the years once having an outpost in Enmore, Sydney. While the face of N.A.C has changed, what's stayed constant is the jeweller's dedication to quality and creativity.


55. Rebekah Kosonen Bide

Located: Online.

Best known for: A mix of experimental and archaic silversmith techniques used to create hefty, heart-shaped lockets for curdled chains with pearls interspersed throughout. The jeweller also creates sculptural brooches, earrings and solid bracelets, along with her 'heavy metal' series pillboxes and lighter cases.

Brand history: Rebekah Kosonen Bide is an Australian jeweller who splits her time working between London and Boorloo (Perth). Her work is available to shop through SSENSE and Cafe Forgot. Otherwise, you can request made-to-order pieces through her website.


56. Vermeer Studio


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Located: Online, and select stockists across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Denmark and Japan.

Best known for: Elegant and sophisticated beaded jewellery – necklaces, earrings and bracelets – in a natural, earthy colour palette inspired by the natural Australian landscape. Onyx, Japanese seed beads, freshwater pearls and tiger eye are threaded onto 9ct gold and sterling silver – creating perfectly understated 'statement' jewellery.

Brand history: The brand was founded in 2018 on the Gold Coast by Gabriel and Tané, two women who, since the birth of their friendship in the fifth grade, had dreamed of starting their own creative endeavour together. Bringing together their respective backgrounds in fashion design and photography, the duo built the brand on a promise that they would only ever create pieces they would want to wear.


57. Izoa


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Located: Online via The Iconic.

Best known for: The brand has a particular knack for pearl inset jewellery – their Serenity earrings are a personal favourite of ours. They offer a great mix of staple pieces and statement pieces, in a mix of metal options.

Brand history: The Sydney-based brand was founded by Nikki Hager, with a mission to elevate, empower, and declare a sartorial statement like no other.




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Located: Online via stockists: St Agni and Tirquoise Lane (AU), Butaque (US), Almost Orange (CA).

Best known for: Ayllón is largely known for their glass jewellery, often tied with leather, and in an array of nature-inspired hues of cobalt blue, seaweed green, pearly whites and deep onyx blacks. They also do a small number of sterling silver pieces that compliment their glassware in simplicity and elegance.

Brand history: The brand was named after it's founder's Grandmother's surname – a project to honour her legacy and lasting inspiration. Each piece is made by glass artisans using the ancient lamp work technique.


59. A Composition


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Located: Online and via select stockists.

Best known for: Finding that impossible balance between playful and sophisticated, A Composition's beaded earrings and necklaces come in an assortment of delicious candy hues, set on 14k gold filled or sterling silver clasps. They've also started sourcing vintage engagement rings for a unique touch.

Brand history: Established by Molly Grover in 2019, A Composition brings together her dual background in design and business – designing and making each piece of jewellery in Sydney from natural materials.


60. Salty Dagger


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Located: Online and via select global stockists.

Best known for: Salty Dagger have carved a space for themselves in the Australian jewellery scene for their unisex designs and eco-friendly approach to design – using 100% certified recycled silver, creating all of their packaging from mostly recycled materials, and using certified soy-based inks.

Brand history: Founded by Harley Banks, each piece in the collection is about a lot more than making something beautiful. For them, it's about creating something meaningful – each piece a means to storytelling, travelling and delivering a message of hope, imagination and to dream big.


61. SIR.


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Located: Online and in SIR. stores.

Best known for: The brand's first jewellery collection is a collaboration with the artist Frankie Tobin, and jewellery Goldie from Hensen & Gold. Taking inspiration from the abstract shapes of Tobin's artworks, each earring id designed to mix and match, crafted in 100% Brass Nano Plate, with resin details.

Brand history: You've probably heard of SIR. in the sartorial sense before, but they've just stepped into the world of fine jewellery last month with an earring drop. While their garments have certainly proven to have staying power in the world of fashion, we're excited to see their jewellery line and expand into the future.


62. Aletheia & Phos


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Located: Online and in their flagship store in Melbourne's Fitzroy.

Best known for: Aletheia & Phos are known for their unique, detailed and dainty pieces, with each piece inspired by a place, meaning or intention. There is also colour scattered throughout the collection, but the brand's most iconic design is its I Carry Your Heart collection.

Brand history: Started in 2014 by founder and owner, Alicia Millan, Aletheia & Phos is an independent jewellery label based out of Melbourne. Connection is a theme that lies at the heart of their brand, each piece of jewellery is designed with sentiment and intention.


63. Mon Paleis


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Located: Online only.

Best known for: If you're looking for refined vintage silhouettes, statement pieces mixed with designs that are great for everyday wear, Mon Paleis might be the brand for you. If you're looking for splashes of colour, you can certainly find it in the collection, otherwise, classic gold and silver pieces make for timeless styling too.

Brand history: Mon Paleis is an Australian-based jewellery brand refreshed with vintage silhouettes updated to fit the stylistic needs of the modern women. From vision, to creation, Mon Paleis celebrates self-expression confidence and femininity.



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