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The Australian fashion set know a thing or two about street style – here are our favourite accounts to follow

australian street style instagram accounts

More so than ever, street style has become one of the biggest indicators of what's hot in fashion. An IRL runway dictated by the fashion set, so much of our inspiration is now being drawn from the way our favourite creatives are reimagining collections on trends on the streets. While there are certainly some major street style mavens across the globe, Down Under, Australia is holding its own where street style is concerned. Which, is why in celebration of our efforts, we're bringing you the best Australian street style Instagram accounts to start following, now!

1. Yan Yan Chan


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It's no secret that for many of us, Yan Yan Chan's street style has been on our vision board for more years than we would like to admit. From her effortless coastal style that nails the art of beach to bar when she's Sydney living, to the New York City cool-girl (which is where she currently resides), who inspires us to dig out our Adidas Gazelle's and holiday in the Hamptons with Chanel. If you needed any more proof that Chan is one of our generation's biggest 'It-girls', her recent collection with Australian brand SIR The Label is all the proof you need. A street style chameleon who can do it all.


2. Lara Worthington


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When it comes to street style, Lara Worthington just gets it. The iconic blonde bob that has become synonymous with the model only adding to her undeniably chic styling. On any given day, you might spot Worthington in a Louis Vuitton bomber and signature Bottega Veneta boots, or a vintage Alexander McQueen 1996 denim set that her stylist Vanessa Coyle has found in the archives. And while we love seeing this Worthing in just about anything, we can't help but lust over her enviable selection of suiting and Tiffany & Co. accessories. Oh, what we would do for a look inside her closet.


3. Thalea Michosvellis


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It might seem like an obvious place to start, but one of our favourite Australian street style Instagram accounts to follow is stylist, Thalea Michosvellis – otherwise known as Eye99 on Instagram. Not only does her account give us an insight into her personal style – which includes, but is not limited to Pucci-esque miniskirts and a colourful Dries van Noten handbag – but also a few moments on set too. If you're partial to an expertly curated blend of vintage and current pieces with an eclectic touch, then this is the account for you.


4. Bella Thomas


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Effortless and timeless styling is always in, and Bella Thomas' street style reminds us that sometimes the best approach is 'less is more'. Her wardrobe consists of incredibly well-cut silhouettes that will never go out of style – think trousers, trench coats and timeless knits – paired with a classic Australian sensibility that has you dreaming of being by the ocean at all times. No matter the season, we're always looking to Thomas for a simple, put-together, stylish look.


5. Mimi Elashiry


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If you've been following RUSSH for some time, you'll know that we have long loved Mimi Elashiry's style. A harmonious blend of adventurous, daring looks grounded in a deep appreciation for the Earth and nature, we're always hanging to see what look she wears next. A favourite of Australian designer KIT X and garnering one of the most impressive jewellery collections – courtesy of her boyfriend, founder of NEVER EVER jewellery – Elashiry's Instagram encourages us to be more daring with our street style choices; for which we are forever grateful for!


6. Sarah Ellen


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Sarah Ellen is the embodiment of the ultimate cool girl. A creative whose skills stretch across a variety of different platforms – fashion, photography, art and now even furniture design – it's no surprise that her style is also supremely diverse. From timeless denim silhouettes to Gucci platforms and Paco Rabanne disk skirts, Ellen knows how to transform any outfit with the right accessories. Hot girl summer and city-girl winter – we want to be both when following Ellen's Instagram account.


7. Amanda Shadforth


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We know we're not alone when we say that Amanda Shadforth has long been one of our favourite Australian street style Instagram accounts to follow. Shadforth started her blog, Oracle Fox, before any of us really knew what blogging was, and we've followed her impeccable, Parisian style and aesthetic ever since. A friend of Chanel, don't be surprised if you see some of your favourite runway moments on her feed; but don't stress, because all of her outfits can be easily recreated! Leaning into a more neutral, consistent colour palette, Shadforth's street style is a sensibility design to last decades.


8. Elle Hioe


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A recommendation straight from the Instagram feed of RUSSH's digital writer, Jasmine Pirovic, Elle Hioe (@14strk is her handle), is everything you might expect from the street style set in 2022. Moving away from the classic monochrome styling that has defined street style for many years, Hioe's styling is exciting, fresh and speaks straight to internet culture without being dictated by it. Her looks are the posts you save to your moodboard with the thought, 'oh, I wish I could dress like that.' This year, is the year we say, 'yes we can'. Mini skirts, bedazzled early 2000's trucker hats, boy-detailed stockings and a touch of Ed Hardy. What's not to love?


9. Violet Atkinson


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Over the many years that we've followed Violet Atkinson, we've seen the creative director (and lawyer, might we add), experiment with a range of different styles. Her current street style aesthetic, however, is undoubtedly our favourite, and is just one of the reasons why she's one of our favourite Australian Instagram accounts to follow. Blessed with the absolute skill of making even the most voluminous, colourful, eccentric pieces fit for everyday Sydney wear, her blend of feminine and masculine pieces has us dreaming of emulating her looks. A familiar face in the Sydney fashion set, you'll no doubt see Atkinson roaming around Bondi in one of her many excellent puffer jackets and matching Bottega Veneta puddle boots.

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