These are the audiobooks to listen to based on your star sign according to an Astrologist

As a firm believer in making life-decisions based almost solely on your birth chart, it's only fitting that this strategy should guide you to your next listening venture. In fact, it's guaranteed to make everything all the more interesting. Should I watch all 32 seasons of The Simpsons all because I have a Cancer sun? Absolutely. If only all decisions were this simple...

To guide you safely to your next podcast or audiobook, we've enlisted the help of expert astrologist and founder of Astrology.com.au, Dadhichi Toth. They've curated a personalised list for every star sign, to guide you next time you're trawling Audible. Read on for Toth's suggestions.



Young at heart and keen to explore different communication styles, Capricorns will revel in self-development audiobooks.

Genre: Self-Development.



As humanitarians at heart, Aquarius's have one thing in mind and that’s changing the world. Whether they’re a free spirit focused on breaking the rules or a little stubborn when it comes to relationships, here are three biographies and memoirs available on Audible to help navigate life, their way.

Genre: Biographies and memoirs.



Pisces are known for their great imagination and escapist nature. They’ll be in their element listening to these travel and tourism audiobooks by some of the greatest in travel writing.

Genre: Travel and Tourism.



Aries are born leaders, keen to elevate their communication skills, public speaking tactics, and work on their emotional growth. We’ve got just the thing for Aries powerhouses!

Genre: Self Help/Development.



Always consistent and reliable, Taurus's adore the soothing and tranquil escape of a good book. If in need of checking out and unwinding, Audible can assist with great fiction audiobooks.

Genre: Literature and Fiction.



Always keen for their next big transformational adventure, wellness pursuit, or health trend, Gemini's will be in their element in the Health and Wellness sector.

Genre: Health & Wellness.



Equal parts domestically oriented and sensitive to environments, Cancer's love nothing more than a beautifully maintained dwelling. They can nurture their green thumb and eye for interior design through Audible’s Home & Garden offerings.

Genre: Home & Garden.



As spirited fire signs, Leo's absolutely love the drama of a good story. They can experience the theatrics through the Audible’s crime and thriller range (and stay out of the firing line).

Genre: Crime/thrillers.

  •  If it Bleeds – written by Stephen King and narrated by Will Patton, Danny Burstein, Steven Weber
  •  The Dry – written by Jane Harper and narrated by Steve Shanahan
  •  Heist – with Michael Caine



Virgo's have long been hailed as the most practical of the signs, so why not lean into that and use their perfectionism to sail to the top of the career ladder! A business or career audiobook will enable just that.

Genre: Business & Career.



Culture-lovers at heart, Libras will get lost in Audible’s world of art. Intellectually-told stories and artistic ventures are the quickest way to a Libras heart.

Genre: Art.



Is it hot in here or is it just us? Scorpios are known for their passionate nature, striding hand in hand with Audible’s crime and thriller offerings. Let a Scorpio get lost in an audiobook guaranteed to get their heart racing.

Genre: Crime/thrillers.



As the resident comedians of the astrological world, Sagittarius’s are destined for the comedy section on Audible. They’ll laugh away their troubles with the likes of some of the world’s best comedians.

Genre: Comedy.



Images: Where the Crawdad Sings, Talking to Strangers, A Promised Land


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