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Aubrey Plaza wants to fill the shoes of Tim Burton with her new movie

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Our monotone mummy is plotting something spooky. Who on earth are we talking about? Aubrey Plaza, of course. If you've been keeping up to date with this year's entertainment calendar, you'll know Ms. Plaza is currently on vacation in Taormina, starring as Harper Spiller in The White Lotus season 2. And while one might argue the series is chilling all by itself, it turns out the actor has something far scarier on the cards. After speaking with GQ, Plaza revealed she's written a ghost movie and plans to direct it in the near future.

What flavour of film can we expect from our sardonic queen? A family-friendly one, apparently. Plaza has plans to dethrone Tim Burton and plonk her butt on his seat instead, telling GQ "I’m trying to fill the female Tim Burton slot". Although Plaza has been clutching the details about her upcoming project close to her chest, she's compared the film to Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus. Which, oddly enough, feels very on brand for her. All we know is we'd watch it.

For now though, Plaza is riding the high of starring in Mike White's head-spinning series before jetting off to Georgia to begin filming for Francis Ford Coppola's upcoming monster of a project Megalopolisjoining other stars like Zendaya, Adam Driver and Forest Whitaker. Watch this space for more news as it slowly filters out.

The best part of watching The White Lotus? Well, yes Aubrey Plaza is one of them. But, I was thinking more along the lines of knowing that other people are doing the same. There's nothing like some social satire to bring the people together. So as the series proves it's no one hit wonder, we're bringing you a selection of reactions and responses to the series that are just as pitch perfect as the show itself.

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