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Very chic person has very chic wedding

Ashley Olsen wedding

These days, we use the word "chic" sparingly. There was a time when it was thrown around so much to describe anything that looked remotely nice, it has practically lost all meaning. In our world, there are very few people who have the right to be described as truly chic, and the Olsen twins are at the top of this list. So when it became evident that Ashley Olsen secretly got married to artist Louis Eisner on December 28 at a private residence and not a single photo has been shared from the occasion, the word was always going to remerge.

As much as our beady little eyes would have loved to feast upon the details of the nuptials as we did with Chloe Sevigny and Simon Porte Jacquemus (just about the only celebrity wedding's we're willing to cover), there is nothing in this world that is more on brand for an Olsen than a deeply, deeply private ceremony where barely a single detail has been shared.

The wedding reportedly took place at a private Bel-Air home last week, where only a few dozen guests attended the party, which "went late with 50 people or so total.” And what else?? We beg! It's safe to assume that Olsen probably wore something by The Row, the NYC brand that she and her sister, Mary-Kate, founded, although in what colour is a mystery to us. And what of the guests? All black? All white? All The Row? It's quite likely that we will never find out.

The couple are notoriously private, as is the way the Olsens like things to be. They made their red-carpet debut in 2021 at a charity event for Young Eisner Scholars, the nonprofit organisation founded by Eisner’s father, but have rarely been spotted together in public for their entire relationship. The closest we got was last year, when Eisner shared an Instagram story of Olsen hiking along a trail with a beer in one hand and a machete in the other. We remain forever indebted to Eisner for it.


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Anyhow, we wish them a very private, chic, happy, long life together.

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