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Arsun Sorrenti releases ‘Southern Winds’ alongside a T-shirt with Printed Matter x Dover Street Market


Arsun Sorrenti has blessed us with a new nostalgic remedy: A single with an accompanying music video entitled Southern Winds. The intimate clip debuted in celebration of Printed Matter launching their Virtual Art Book Fair from 24-28 February. To accompany, Dover Street Market has curated a series of virtual events with some of their closest collaborators and matched it with product for the occasion.

Shot on Super 8 by Sorrenti's girlfriend Tasmin Meyer Ersahin, the footage captures dreamy, intimate moments of Sorrenti surrounded by nature. Walking down a dirt track, lounging in a hammock under palm trees, floating in a swimming pool to a romantic, vintage-style composition that leaves you both lost in the visuals and transported to an island vacation.

Southern Winds feels most reminiscent to a memory. A song that has history despite the musician's young age. Perhaps due to it being filmed by his girlfriend, added to by the fact that his creative musings are often put into song. “In the end somehow, the lyrics end up reflecting something that’s happening in my life,” Sorrenti tells us in our first encounter with the singer-songwriter inside our ‘Paradising’ issue, “even though it’s usually not intentional.”

Born into a family of prolific creative ability, Sorrenti has never had to go far for inspiration. In fact, with his father - photographer Mario Sorrenti - and his grandfather is how he discovered his love of music when he was “a little kid”. “[They] would play me their favourite songs and teach me how to play guitar a bit,” he tells. “Then I listened to the Velvet Underground and realised I needed to start singing and writing songs. At one point I just became completely absorbed in it and have been ever since.”

To accompany the single, Sorrenti has also released a T-shirt designed with artist Tom Sachs, which you can purchase via the DSM E-shop. Sachs created the T-Shirt for Sorrenti for his last tour with Cat Power. The back depicts the transport of the artists 3m m64 tape machine.

Watch the Southern Winds clip, below.

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