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Girogio Armani launches Armani/Values website in celebration of Earth Day 2022

Armani/Values website

To mark Earth Day for 2022, Giorgio Armani has launched its new Armani/Values website, an exploration and retracing of the values underpinning the designer’s direction and entrepreneurial decisions. A dissection of values linked to fashion and beyond, the website features information on Armani’s responsible choices made at every level, including business strategy, corporate structure and production.

The Armani/Values website is constructed to provide details of the values held by Armani, offering a comprehensive overview of the company and the Armani lexicon. Divided into three sections – people, planet and prosperity – a video also features summarising the key pillars of the Armani Group, with these including consistency, timelessness, fluidity, comfort, empowerment and more.

What will you find on the Armani/Values website?

The ‘People’ section illustrates a diversified and inclusive work environment, with an emphasis on wellbeing and individual qualities, ‘Planet’ explores the activities and initiatives supported by the Armani Group including reforestation and biodiversity conservation, made possible by the work going into products, supply chain and choice of materials. ‘Prosperity” rounds out the three sections, bringing together all projects – local or global – helping to sustain communities and the development of social and cultural heritage.

In a statement, Giorgio Armani explained how he feels he has a responsibility towards others, and taking care of the planet is of utmost priority for his namesake House.

“I think that as a designer and entrepreneur I do have responsibilities towards other people, and I feel I should both be an example and offer support,” explained Armani. “I have always remained true to authentic and solid values in my practice, [and] I do this by designing timeless objects that are pure and minimal, inspired by the idea that less is more and made to last over time.”

“I have always cared about people and community, in the conviction that a company must not only receive but give back too. And that also applies to our planet, which we must take care of. I think that fashion can contribute to the ongoing transformation in many ways, and that is my commitment. Values matter and for me they are absolutely fundamental. With this website, I wish to share an essential and imperative duty: an invitation for all of us to build a more responsible system.”

The Armani/Values website tells the story of the Armani group through the lens of past projects, as well as ongoing and future works making fundamental progress, with a particular focus on the commitment to Corporate Responsibility. As a brand representing the Italian fashion industry, this means crafting unique products resulting from a combination of aesthetics, quality and innovation underscored by a system which can stand the tests of time. The brand is conscious of decisions made today impacting on future generations, and the launch of the new website is a step towards complete transparency across social and environmental practices.

Explore the Armani/Values website today.

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